Thursday, February 6, 2014


The following is going to sound like an advertisement, which I guess it is, but I don't receive anything from telling you--only the satisfaction of passing on information about a product you may not know about.

It seemed that every time I got a cold it progressed into a sinus infection, or bronchitis so I began trying to discover what vitamins or minerals helped with the immune system.  While looking into supplements for sinus infections, I discovered this comment about Oralmat on  (This site seems to list alternative research, supplements, etc. for most any ailment you can think of, so it is an interesting & helpful resource.)

     " Oralmat - from Australia.  Natural herbal product with no listed side effects derived from Ryegrass.  Medical trials are underway in Australia.  Anecdotal patient reports claim the product is so effective that allergy & asthma sufferers can greatly reduce or even eliminate normal medication / inhalers. Adults asthmatics get significant relief after 3 to 4 weeks and children respond much faster.  Allergy symptoms may improve within minutes of use.

Oralmat is said to produce broad-spectrum results for numerous conditions including:

* Chronic fatigue - symptoms abate within 7 to 10 days 
* Asthma 
* MS patients - dramatic reduction in fatigue & fewer relapses 
* Cold and Flu - symptoms said to disappear within HOURS of administration. 
* Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis - rapid improvement, even within MINUTES of use for some individuals
* Sinus Headaches - rapid drainage of congested sinus passages relieves headaches"

Well, I decided to give it a try.  What could it hurt--no known side effects--and even though the first bottle I bought cost $30 it was much less than a trip to the doctor.  I am so glad I did!  I have not had a cold, or sinus infection since discovering Oralmat several months ago.  It is amazing how quickly the symptoms leave after taking the drops!  Country Guy was skeptical at first until he had symptoms of a cold which vanished after using 3 drops of Oralmat on his tongue, 3 times a day for a couple of days.  We are convinced Oralmat helps more than anything we've ever tried to eliminate (and protect us from) colds and flu.  So just in case you hadn't heard, I wanted you to be aware of it.

I highly recommend Oralmat and have purchased several bottles, some of which I have shared with friends and family who had not heard of it, (or who were sick but too skeptical to spend the $20-$35 (prices vary) to experiment.)

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