Friday, June 6, 2014

Another Good Column from The Daily Rant

America’s Biggest Threat

A variety of threats could be listed in today’s America. All of them would probably be legitimate. Looming financial disaster, intrusion by the United Nations in many levels of life and government, Obamacare, Common Core Education, depletion of our military, illegal immigration, voter apathy, and of course terrorism – just to name the most obvious. But the biggest threat to America may be lurking in the background hiding behind all the rest – the man now occupying the White House. Many refer to him as POTUS. I befittingly refer to him as BO – for obvious reasons
Barack Hussein Obama entered the political scene with much stealth. He was a charismatic young man who many regarded as attractive, well-spoken, and well-educated. He and his team managed to design a campaign where everyone heard what they wanted to hear, like “change you can believe in” – whatever that may have meant. I frequently stood in front of the television listening to his speeches and found myself asking, “Now what the heck did he just say”? The truth was that with all the platitudes and well-crafted soundbites, the man actually said nothing but people heard what they wanted to hear.
As his campaign progressed, there were many red flags that started to emerge. But those that never asked “what the heck did he just say” didn’t seem to notice. Worse of all, the press protected him in every way imaginable. And the Democratic Party reveled in his charisma – to the point of not holding him accountable eligibility-wise. The country seemed poised to welcome its first Black president – no matter what he was – even if he wasn’t qualified by birth or experience for the job. And what he was and is just may prove to be the biggest threat to our national security and way of life that this na├»ve country could possibly imagine. You see, an incompetent president, such as Jimmy Carter, is one thing, but an anti-American president intent on destroying this nation is quite another. The monster that would have us throw babies born after a botched abortion in the trash should not be expected to harbor legitimate concern for the rest of our lives or the American Dream. But somehow America looked passed all that.

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