Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mark Alexander's Patriot Post Column - June 11, 2014

You might be interested to read Mark Alexander's excellent commentary on Obama's foreign policy, "The Obama Model of Foreign Policy Malfeasance" here.

It is an absolute puzzle to me how our Congress & Senate are letting him get away with destroying our country.  Are they afraid of him?  Does he have something on them?  Or are they all in cahoots?

It certainly is time we had a change in leadership.  We need to replace career politicians with strong leaders who have the good of the country as their primary purpose for running and who believe in the values this country was founded upon.  Eric Cantor's loss in VA was an encouraging sign.  Are we waking up to the fact that it is now or never?

I believe we must be in prayer!  Only God can save us now.

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