Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hearing God Through Your Dreams #2

I thought today's Principles of Dream Interpretation discussed on Mark Virkler's "Hearing God Through Your Dreams" video were especially enlightening.  I am excited to realize I may be able to much better interpret my dreams by using these principles.  Often I have been totally confused by my dreams but have believed they had meaning--I just didn't know how to find out what.  This course is so helpful and seems to make much sense.  The biblical examples of dreams Mark uses also helps much.  I highly recommend watching the videos. There are only two left, but if the ministry does as they did for the last series of free viewings, they will make all available for a short time (I believe it was 72 hours) at the end of the series in case you missed one.  The link is in yesterday's post.

From my notes today:

Mark said we should start with the premise that most dreams are about what is going on in ourselves.  If we are in the action of the dream that should be our first approach to interpreting it.

Questions to ask/Thoughts to consider:

1. What is the key emotion of the dream?  Where in my life am I experiencing that emotion?
2. What was the most dominant action?  Where in my life is that action taking place?
    i.e. Falling--Where have I lost my footing? Flying--Where do I feel I have been set free--or broken free of bonds in my life?
3. If there are other people in the dream: What is the dominant character trait of the person?  This trait is a trait in our own being.
4. If a name is spoken in a dream, look for the significance of the name.  Sharon--sharing
5. Animals in dreams usually represent emotions within you.  i.e. bull--anger, cat--curiosity, fox--crafty
6. Numbers in a dream represent a literal number of something in your life.

If you are an actual participant in the dream then the assumption will be the dream is about your heart & something in you.  If you are simply observing the dream and are not an active participant it is a clue that the dream is not about you but probably refers to something or someone close to you.

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