Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hearing God Through Your Dreams, Principles of Dream Interpretation #3

Below are my notes from today's "Hearing God Through Your Dreams" video session with Mark Virkler:

Mark emphasized that approximately 95% of our dreams are about ourselves and only 5% are about others.

Three clues that a dream might be about others.

1. If you're an observer of the action of the dream and not a participant the dream is most likely about others.

2. If you are intensely emotionally related to the person or think you are dreaming about it is probably about the person or thing.

3.If the dream doesn't seem to fit your own life, it is most likely about others.

He said the exception to the 95/5% rule are extremely right brained people.  They seem to dream 'further from home (body)' than left brained people.

When you are trying to understand your dreams, look for similes, metaphors & plays on words.  Think outside the box.

Repetitive dreams show unresolved issues.  Nightmares are the scream of an unhealed heart.

Warnings in dreams are conditional--if you continue on this path this will happen--so you need to get off the path.

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