Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson

       I have heard many people say they love & admire Ben Carson but don't think he has a chance of winning the Republican nomination. I beg to disagree. If those who love him would start speaking hope for his candidacy and telling their friends and family they are voting for him because of his integrity and character instead of listening to the polls I believe he has a very good chance.
      That is what I plan to do. As long as his name is on the ballot I will continue to support him and will not give up unless he does. We need a person who loves America and is not doing this for personal gain.  We also need someone who is a role model for our children. For me, Donald Trump is not that man. There is nothing about him that I would like my children to model their lives after!
       I, with the rest of the frustrated citizens have been glad that he has been brash and outspoken about many things we are all angry about, but I am not supporting him as a candidate. He does not appear to me to be a man of substance or character. He says needlessly mean things to those who disagree with him. He has put forth no real plan for any 'fix' of America--just "it will be great" and "you will love it."  He has a past record of supporting very liberal candidates and seems to have huge ideas of grandeur.
      Ben Carson, on the other hand, has led an inspirational life. Have you seen the movie "Gifted Hands" which is the story of his life. I highly recommend it. It is a wonderful testimony of a man who overcame much adversity to become a world class neurosurgeon. I believe the same characteristics will cause him to be an excellent president, too.

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