Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jonathan Kaye

     Have you seen the movie, "Second Hand Lions"?  It has been out for several years but is still one of my favorite movies.  There's a line at the end spoken about the two old codgers who had many adventures.  It is "They really lived, didn't they?"  That is how I feel about our friend, Jonathan Kaye.  
     I first met Jonathan a couple of years ago when I was looking for someone who could price trees for a grant application I was writing for the Linn Park.  In the end he gave us an exceptional price and threw in the planting, so instead of pricing trees, I bought trees.
     When I first met him I was struck by his genuineness and fascinated by our conversation.  A couple of months ago he called to say he was going to run for State Senator for our district because he felt he could make a difference drawing from the experiences he had in life.  He and Clair came to our house for dinner and told us some of the plans they had for running their campaign.  We were impressed and promised to help in any way we could.  He has since asked us to do a couple of things. But then the other day he asked if we would be willing to send letters to those we know introducing him.  So today he brought lists of all Republican voters in several towns.  We marked those we know so that letters can be mailed in our name.  If you know me personally and live in District 110 you will probably be getting a letter soon.
     I am so impressed by his campaign strategy.  He has very little money--believing that relationship is the way to win votes, not money.  He hopes to try to meet all the people who voted in the last primary.  I believe he said there were 10,000 which he thought he could do before mid March.  He said he loves meeting all these people and hearing their stories and how he can help.  What an amazing man!    
      If you would like to read more of his story in his own words, check out his Facebook page.  You will see what I mean.  This man truly lives!

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