Friday, March 4, 2016

Catching Up On Heritage Days Work

     My mother is in the hospital again--possibly getting out today--so I have had lots of time sitting.  Since I was behind on things I needed to do for Heritage Days it was a perfect opportunity to work.  The hospital has wifi and lots of electrical outlets so I took my computer and spent time catching up.

I worked on a new logo for Heritage Days:
Then with the new logo, I worked on compiling information to use when we invite people to sponsor events and horse classes during the Festival.  If any of you reading this are interested in helping us grow this Festival by sponsoring an event, please contact us.  We are a 501(c)3 non profit so all contributions are tax-deductible.  Here is a screen shot of the final draft:

After having these cards printed I addressed them to 300 draft horse people in surrounding states.

       Then I re-worked the food vendor brochure and the artist/artisan brochure.   We have renamed the vendor fair to Heritage Market.  Here are screen shots of the Heritage Market application brochure in case you are interested in coming.  You can also email us at to receive a pdf of the brochure if you would like to enter your creations in the Market.  They must be handmade by you.  We have also opened the Market to vintage and antique vendors.  (In case it is too confusing--the first screenshot is page 4 and page 1, the second shot is pages 2 & 3.)

      After I finished the brochure I added it to our website: and made a few corrections to the website.

I feel so relieved to have all this finished!!  As you can see, sitting with Mom was a great opportunity to get much accomplished.  Now it's time to work on creating a poster, flyers and other promotional material.  It won't be long till I have it all done!  But then it won't be long till the Heritage Days Festival & Draft Horse, Mule, & Haflinger Show will take place--just three short months!

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