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"Don't Be Distracted – You Have a Destiny to Fulfill" by Kathie Walters

       I believe the Lord is trying to get my attention.  My last post was on Martha & Mary and how I identify often with Martha in getting distracted.  Then today I got an email from a friend who said he will be staying overnight with us on his way to North Dakota where he is going to be with Kathie Walters at a conference.  So a few minutes after I received his email I was cleaning out my email box and saw there was an email from The Elijah List sent February 29 with a word from Kathie Walters--"Don't Be Distracted"!  How amazing!  It seems more than coincidence that I didn't see it, or read it until after the Lord had already got my attention with Martha & Mary.                                                             
I'm posting it here in case some of you have a tendency to get distracted, too.

"Don't Be Distracted – You Have a Destiny to Fulfill"

by Kathie Walters, Macon, GA

You Have a Destiny to Fulfill
"Bathsheba took a bath." That's what the Lord said to me on the way to a meeting at my friend's church in Cwmbran, Wales – Freedom Church.

I must say I was a bit surprised. I had about five minutes to find out what the Lord was saying about the word because Pastors Robert and Helen King were already into the worship when we went into the church.

Now King David was out there on his own roof taking a stroll around. Maybe thinking about things...maybe praying. And suddenly he caught sight of a beautiful lady, and even more mind boggling, she was not just strolling around, she was taking a bath right there.

But Bathsheba took David way out of the will of God. He SAW...and then followed his eyes...and he ditched his communion with God. It wasn't that God stopped talking, but David stopped listening. David enjoyed his adulterous relationship, and then Bathsheba got pregnant. What gets your attention gets you.

When David stopped listening, it was a bit like a snowball rolling downhill. It gathered momentum. One thing led to another. I mean, adultery, lies, and fierce manipulation when David tried to get out of his problem. First, he tried to trick Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, into sleeping with his wife, so he would assume the baby was his.

When Uriah proved to be too loyal to his soldiers, David arranged to have him put in the front of the battle while the other soldiers drew back. Pretty much like murder, I would say. Then Joab had to lie and, incidentally, when Bathsheba's husband Uriah, was killed, others who were with him were killed too.

David married Bathsheba, and the baby died. Very sad. But do you know that in spite of all this, God referred to David as "a man after My own heart"? That's pretty amazing, isn't it? Do you know why God said that? Because when God sent Nathan the prophet to confront him and challenge him and let him know what God thought about it, David didn't try and wriggle out of it and blame others, he said, "That's true." Then he repented and carried on with his life. He still had a destiny to fulfill.

Don't Be Distracted Even by What Seems Good – Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

When you mess up, don't run away from God – run to Him. He is the most amazing Deliverer. The Bible even says that. He can turn it around and even make it work for your good, if you believe. That's very awesome, is it not? He will never leave you in a mess, if you're honest about the mess. Stop blaming others and making excuses. "Thou art the man," the prophet said to David, and David said, "You got me."

God is a Redeemer – that means to "buy back." He can even redeem our messes. He is such an awesome God, full of mercy and grace.

Really, this word was to say this: "Avoid Bathsheba." There is a great move beginning to happen, and the enemy would LOVE to get you distracted by something that might even seem good for a while. Your enemy would like to lead you down the "garden path," if he can. And that's a path full of weeds; they only look like flowers from a distance.

There is so much anointing and adventure for you in the will of God. When you yield to the Lord, He puts His desires in your heart, so when you serve Him, it's delightful. Everything you want and need is in the will of God. He has the most amazing plan for you, so don't take second when you can have the prize.

God didn't make a spare you. There isn't another you in case the first you doesn't work properly. We are living stones being built into a temple for God to dwell in. The stones are not any old stones; each one is specially made and God-breathed. The temple will come forth as gold. God doesn't have throwaways, because He is the REDEEMER. "A new heart and a new Spirit I will put within them, and they will be My sons and daughters."

When you run a race and you want to win, you don't keep looking around to see what everyone else is doing. Don't be distracted; keep your eyes on the prize. You can't meet every need that you see and respond to everyone, but you can do what He tells you to do, and go where He tells you to go, and say what He tells you to say.

It's funny that we can forgive others easier than we can forgive ourselves. But you can't move on if you keep looking back. So, lift your eyes to the skies and get excited. When He sees you, He sees His very own darling and beloved child.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries

Email: kathiewalters@mindspring.com
Website: www.kathiewaltersministry.com

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