Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eastern Europe

If you have been wondering what has happened to my posts I thought I would let you know we are in Budapest right now on a Rick Steves Best of Eastern Europe trip. We left on June 18 and have so far stayed in Prague and Kraków in addition to a couple of villages. Internet has been spotty at some of the hotels and we have been so busy sightseeing that I have had no time to post.

The trip has been fascinating so far.  We particularly loved Prague!  It is so beautiful.  We arrived a day early so had extra time to explore.  We had such fun climbing the little Eiffel Tower for a spectacular view of the city.  Yesterday we visited an elementary school near Eger, Hungary.  That was very interesting. We also explored the castle in Eger and went down in the dungeon. Today we are headed for an exploratory walk of Buda and Pest.  Until this trip I had no idea they were separate cities. We are scheduled for a tour of the opera house and a Danube river cruise later this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow we are excited to meet up with our friend Laszlo who lives near here.

If I can figure out how, I will post a few photos.

Views of Prague at night from the St. Charles Bridge: