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The Treasure Chest - Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer: 40 Prayer Approaches to Meet Your Needs

I have just discovered an excellent resource from Mark Virkler's Communion With God website.  I have posted the beginning of the article below.  You can click on the link to continue reading if you are finding the article useful.
The Treasure Chest - Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer: 40 Prayer Approaches to Meet Your Needs 
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There is more than one way to pray, however,
“If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail."

I build homes – physically and spiritually

I worked on construction crews in my teens and twenties and have built a home which we lived in for many years. So I have a fairly extensive workbench and tool box in my garage, containing tools which I know how to use.
40+ tools I own and used to build my physical home include: hammer, sledge hammer, nails, crosscut saw, skill saw, jig saw, hack saw, chisels, flat screwdrivers, phillips screwdrivers, allen wrench, various size crescent wrenches, pliers, needle nose pliers, adjustable pliers, trowels, mixing pails, paints, various size paint brushes, various adhesives, step ladder, extension ladder, tool belt, face mask, sand paper, wood files, metal files, stipple brush, paint roller, utility knife, measuring tape, square, level, pipe wrench, locking pliers, tin snips, hole punch, stilts, extension cords, power drill, power staple gun and caulking gun.
Below are 40 tools (prayer approaches) which God has taught me over the last 40 years, which I have used to build strong spiritual homes for myself and others. I surely want to be as adept with tools to build a spiritual house as I am with tools to build a physical house, so I have taken the time to learn to use these as needed. I encourage you in a similar endeavor.
Yes, I still hire specialists to help me with jobs in my physical or spiritual home which I feel are outside my area of expertise. However, these 40 will allow the construction of a magnificent castle which the Lord and you may live in and which will shine with His glory.
Prayer takes so many forms. These include communion with God (Jn. 16:13), dream interpretation (Ps. 16:7), meditating on Scriptures (Josh. 1:8), rebuking the enemy (1 Pet. 5:8) to name just a few. This prayer organizer provides a vast assortment of tools and resources placed at your disposal so you can fully and effectively engage appropriate prayers to meet specific needs in your life.
Use persistence! Elijah prayed seven times in a row (1 Kings 18:43). Since we are to persist in prayer as Elijah did (Jas. 5:17,18), by all means pray a prayer seven times in one day (or more) if that is what is needed to achieve your breakthrough.
If your prayer approach is not working then try another prayer approach! For example, if you have forgiven a person many times and still have anger or bitterness toward them, then switch to inner healing prayer or two-way journaling. Ask God to show you what He was doing in the situation, and how He has produced good in your life through it. "A hurt is healed, when you can see the gifts God has produced in your life through it." 

Holy Spirit, which prayer approach shall I use today?

Find the right prayer approach when you need it - Search down through the left column for a description of the need you have. Then go across to the right column for free blogs and worksheets and resources to assist you in praying effectively (Jas. 5:16).

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