Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Progress in Advertising the Draft Horse Show

    A friend and I worked on the Heritage Days Draft Horse Show Schedule, Entry Form, and promotional materials today.  I have the most difficult time getting the columns of premiums paid for each class in the show to line up!  So frustrating!  Anyway, as we were working on the materials we decided it might be a good thing to advertise that we are paying over $13,000 in premiums and awards!  We thought that was pretty good for a little town from nowhere when we discovered in our research that the North American International Draft Horse Show paid $13,855.
     This year we are having two new attractions during the Show.  On Saturday, there will be a Roman riding exhibition, and on Sunday a miniature horse exhibition.  Saved by Grace has also agreed to sing between classes during the show as additional entertainment.
     We believe it is going to be a show not to be missed!  This week I received an inquiry from Oklahoma where one of the top percheron hitches is located.  We have also heard the National Champion 6 Horse Hitch for the past 3 years has it on their calendar.  These horses are amazing to watch, so if you live anywhere near Martinsville, you will want to be here June 9-11 for a wonderful display of horsepower.

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