Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A word through Brian Simmons

Doesn't your heart say "yes!!" to this word from Brian Simmons?

"You will be amazed too."

The time has come for you to ascend into a new realm, My beloved. Your old way of thinking must be abandoned and surrendered to the new life of My Spirit. My ways are not your ways. The ways of human beings are centered around power and influence, but My ways are paths of love that will mystify and bewilder even the brightest of people. The ways of the Spirit are unseen, yet they are mighty. Spirit life is power and wisdom that makes the simple wise. You will be amazed by what I will do with your life as you surrender to My ways.

Neither are My thoughts your thoughts. My Spirit is the divine intelligence that moves in the hearts of My people, bringing them to the fountain of truth. Many debate and argue, trying to prove their point. But My voice calls out to you in the silence and will teach you wisdom that cannot be given by men. The thoughts I have for you will bring you joy and comfort, for I hold you in My heart as My dearest treasure. You will not understand what I am about to do, but you will be amazed as My glory unfolds within you, giving you revelation light. You have the mind of Christ. Do not be intimidated by those who consider themselves to be wise, for they are fools. Those who scorn My wisdom will be seen as pretenders who must forsake their ways and enter into My sanctuary, where I will let them drink of the pure waters of truth and wisdom. Many times you have backed down from those who pretend to be wise, but now I call you to wait upon Me. I will give you the word of wisdom that you will speak.

My ways and thoughts will be understood as you yield to My Spirit, My child. I will teach you knowledge that comes from eternity, wisdom from above will enter your heart, and a deep fountain of truth will be opened up to you. You will be amazed by what I reveal to you and how I use you in the coming days. Sit with Me, listen to My voice, and let your heart be filled with My words, for I am love’s pure light.

1 Corinthians 3:18 The Passion Translation
"Make no mistake about it, if anyone thinks he is wise by the world’s standards, he will be made wiser by being a fool for God!"

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