Saturday, May 12, 2018

One of the Main Reasons Why I Dislike Raccoons

What a busy time!

Last week I powerwashed the screened porch, deck, front porch and the furniture we use in those places.

On Saturday Martinsville On The Move had 2 tables at the Master Gardener's Plant Sale. (Thanks to our gardens and plants donated by interested members of the community, we took over 225 plants to sell and made $420 to use to buy plants for Linn Park.)

On Monday, Sue & I worked at the Park to weed the gardens and cut back the roses which nearly died in the strange winter we had.  We also planted several plants left over from the  Plant Sale.

On Tuesday, I worked at weeding my own gardens.

On Wednesday, Norma & I took our friend Donna to the airport in Indianapolis and shopped for plants for the Linn Gardens and my own and then I came home to plant some of them.

On Thursday, I trimmed around all the trees, including the lane and around all the lawn with my wonderful DR Trimmer/Mower.  I love that little machine!!  I have an app on my phone that said I walked 8.8 miles/20,769 steps.  Did I mention I was exhausted?!!

Yesterday, Jenny came over to help me clean because I was behind and am having a college graduation party for our grandson this afternoon.

I was so pleased to get all my pots planted last night!  Everything looked so beautiful.   I found these great "drop in" flower arrangements at Walmart--already growing with 3 or 4 varieties of plants.  Just what I needed--no decisions to make about what would look nice together, no waiting for them to get established.

And then I woke up early this morning to this:

This happens every year as soon as I get the posts planted.  So irritating!!  I'm sure it isn't difficult for you to imagine why I dislike raccoons with a passion!!

The mess is cleaned up.  Hopefully, the plants will recover.   In an attempt to get rid of my frustration I am posting photos on my blog.  I don't know why that helps, but it has.  😀

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