Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Packing Cubes

I am beginning to think about our planned trip to Greece this summer.

 A few years ago a friend introduced me to packing cubes.  Have you ever used them?  If not, you must give them a try.  I have found them extremely helpful in keeping my clothes organized and more wrinkle-free since I am not forever digging in the bottom of my suitcase for something I want to wear on a particular day.  I pack my long sleeved shirts in one, the sleeveless or short-sleeved in one, underwear in one, and depending on the room I have left my pants/jeans in one.  Sometimes I lay the jeans flat in the bottom of the suitcase and then use a packing cube for capris or shorts.  This is so helpful because I can then lift out the cubes individually, opening only those that contain the type of clothing I am looking for.

Today I was reading  this review of packing cubes so thought I would include it in case you are looking to buy some.  I don't have any of these mentioned but thought it was a helpful article.  I recently purchased these and believe they will work well for my intended purposes.  I have been unable to find the set I already had for sale again.  And since I convinced Country Guy to try them on our last trip and he now wants more.

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