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"Rosh Hashanah 5779 14 Day Of Deliverance" Johnny Enlow

"Rosh Hashanah 5779 14 Day Of Deliverance" Johnny Enlow
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5779 will prove to be the most transcendental year for our nation (and ultimately all the nations) in at least 100 years as God plays a great trump card demolishing the enemy’s house of cards. A year ago for Rosh Hashanah 5778 I titled the word “A New Hidden Way is Here” and we walked through that. This year the way becomes clear. The story of Israel’s departure from Egypt through the Red Sea in Exodus 14 is particularly relevant, and this year will be as historical and significant for the United States as the biblical Exodus was for Israel. The church will also experience a parallel version of what our nation walks through, though perhaps not as visibly intense. The scope and scale of shift and change cannot be overstated. We are at the threshold of the greatest breakthrough ever as a nation, but it will feel precarious at times. It is a rescue operation. It is a deliverance of the highest magnitude. 100 years of murky and distorted history will be clarified. Many memorable stories of the past century were not as reported, and much of that will be made clear in this 5779 year. We will better see how God has been progressively rescuing us, but this is now a great day of deliverance. 


There are several identification markers of the last 10 years that specifically inform us of God having stepped into history to rescue us from organized deep darkness. These markers are seen by the multiple 7’s and they speak to us of the Divine Seven-Spirited One intervening in the affairs of men to short circuit the conspirators. 

Sept. 29, 2008 (Rosh Hashanah) the Wall Street Dow Jones fell a record 777.7 and it shook the world's financial markets. An extended economic slowdown followed. Though it looks like the 777.7 was the cause of the world recession it was actually what saved the United States and the world from a deep and prolonged financial depression. Dark world economy manipulators were orchestrating a deep depression, but God intervened—in ways we will also find out about—to save us from a catastrophic, economic collapse. (I have written about some of this in my 2010 book “The 7 Mountain Mantle”)

June 23, 2016, the very unexpected Brexit vote took place that surprised the “world economists” and again threw off the sinister world manipulators. That date was “coincidentally” exactly 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, and 7 days after the above 777.7 date. The assumed rejection of Brexit was seen as sure a thing as the United States rejecting Donald Trump for President—and again global manipulators were shocked. The Brexit vote is still being warred over, but it was orchestrated by God to create another economic wild card lever that curtails the dark world schemes. 

In the year 5777 on the Jewish calendar, a man named Donald Trump shocked these same global “elitists” by winning the United States election. He won by 77 electoral votes. Trump was 70 years old, 7 months, and 7 days on his first full day as President. What are the odds this many 7s could be coincidental? These are all signs of God’s intervention. The WHY God intervened is about to become clear, and it goes well beyond God preferring Conservatism to Liberalism or Republicans to Democrats. As the story unveils and as we fully awaken to what we were up against and what He saved us from we will see the immensity of it all. It goes way beyond simple politics, but rather into being rescued from a ring of demonic criminals with tentacles at the tops of every one of the 7 mountains of society. I saw of vision of the hand of God swipe through the tops of all the mountains, essentially clearing out the tops of media, education, government, economy, family, arts and entertainment, and religion. He is removing the world mafias and thus permitting the sons and daughters of the King to arise where they have been previously impeded from going. Even as He promised to go before the children of Israel—should they cross into their promised land—even so, today as He now sees us targeting our cities and nations. He is going ahead of us and making it possible for us to succeed in our mission.


5779 will see us experiencing another historic Exodus 14-type day. In the original story, the children of Israel left Egypt only to find themselves with the impossible predicament of the Red Sea before them and a chasing Pharaoh and army behind them. This day did not seem like a day they would fondly remember and sing of forever, though that is what happened. It more seemed like a day that would live in infamy with destruction coming either by the chasing Egyptian oppressors or the coming waves of the Red Sea. Similarly today the enemies seem daunting once you actually know about them. Today our Red Sea is like "the swamp” (in fact some scholars believe the Red Sea was more of a reedy swamp) of entrenched corruption we find ourselves facing, and Pharaoh and his forces similarly represent our history of being "the tail and not the head” chasing us down. We have been conditioned to expect good outcomes to be pulled out from under us, and breakthrough always being quite elusive. We are in another day now and it is a great day of deliverance. It will not necessarily be easy to go through, but it will be a great day of deliverance.

As we remember Exodus 14, the children of Israel were being pursued by Pharaoh and 600 chariots. The 600 represents mans best showing of organized power, as 6 is the number of man. The children of Israel had hundreds of years of some level of bondage to Egypt. The Red Sea was in between them and the open path to their Promised Land. Something had to give. Moses was instructed to raise his rod—with THAT the Red Sea would part and allow them to cross over. He did this and as Israel crossed on dry land the pursuing Egyptians could be seen bearing down. As soon as Israel was through Moses raised his rod and the Red Sea waters that formerly served the Egyptians’ purposes of control now turned on them and drowned them all (v.28). This dynamic is something we are walking through now. There are the power brokers of society who have thought the future was theirs to script according to their controlling interests. The great surprise at who actually rules has only just begun to slap them in the face as our God for His own name’s sake interjects into history. The church has slept through rapture-minded “end-times-itis” and its ensuing abandonment of the 7 Mountains mandate (being Salt and Light in society, not just in church) giving the enemy extended time to become embedded in power. God is now moving with those who are awake, knowing the greater awakening is ensuing.

Three specific phrases of Exodus 14 standout and are relevant to us today. Verse 21 speaks of a “strong east wind” that the Lord used to make the waters of the Red Sea stand up on each side as a wall. Verse 25 says of the Lord, “He took off their chariot wheels” leaving the Egyptians to conclude that God was fighting against them. Verse 30 is particularly poignant and says, “And the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hands of the Egyptians.” These three phrases speak prophetically to us today:


I see "a strong east wind" sent by God, coming through the November midterm elections. They are going to be key in ultimately unleashing a "Red Sea" wave that will position the man God has chosen to lead the United States with a supporting cast in the Congress, the Senate, and ultimately the Supreme Court. It is not that God is “Republican red” in general, it’s just that who God chose He happened to orchestrate through this party. There is great corruption in both parties and some good people in both parties. The world of politics is about to change forever in our nation, as well as everyone and everything being redefined. Because of this, some of those who are presently the most staunchly anti-Trump are going to soon discover that he has been raised to save them from oppressors who have manipulated them into believing they were for them, while keeping them essentially in bondage.


Just because many “conspiracy theorists” believe in the "deep state” does not mean that it doesn’t exist. It does exist. However, the “deep state” is much like the chariot wheels of Exodus 14. They are wheels or circles of syndicated power that run over the common people with the goals or plots of the oppressors. God is going to make them as irrelevant today as they were in the Red Sea crossing. Their own wheels got them stuck in the mud of their own Red Sea and ultimately led to their demise. 

In our 7 mountain teaching, we identify the color red with the mountain of media. The media has been complicit with the organized darkness that has threatened the freedom God has called us to. Even as Israel had an ultimate goal to be able to freely worship their God, even so, today we have been limited in our ability to worship our God in every mountain of society because of the syndicated criminal element that has been in a position of power. Much of this power has been embedded in the mountain of media, and the spiritual battle presently taking place is apparent to anyone truly open to discernment. When you operate out of a political spirit or when you process things out of a personal wound you will not properly discern, as your lens is clouded. Clear discernment will tell you God has anointed this President with a unique assignment. President Trump is serving as a Moses of sorts called to lead people out of bondage to sinister agendas. However, it is ultimately God, Himself that is pulling off these chariot wheels of sinister agendas. The corruptors and enslavers will ultimately be put under by the very media and the very “swamp” that they ruled. God is using Trump, but HE is the rescuer and HE is the great deliverer of the day. Trump will succeed in his assignment to drain the “Red Sea” swamp because he is on assignment from God and empowered by God for that assignment. Forthcoming will be the complicity of the truly “fake news” with the embedded corruption, and it will be even more clear why Trump had to point them out. There is a Great Awakening ahead, but as I have said before it might be preceded by a rude awakening for many.


Even as it was said in verse 30, “And the Lord saved Israel” so it will be realized that we too have been similarly saved and that we are the recipients of a great work of Divine Deliverance. This will be something important as we move forward. We sometimes confuse the fact that we do have a responsibility from our end to do something and use that as the proof that it is ALL up to us. Yes, as in Moses day we must obey and head for our Promised Land of the nations. Yes, Moses must lift up his rod and exercise his authority. Yes, we must respond to the parted sea before us and move quickly. We do have our part - however, it pales in comparison to the rescue operation put on by God. It is He who makes the “east wind” blow. It is He who causes the Red Sea to part. He is the One who makes it instantly dry land. It is He who removes the chariot wheels of the enemy. It is He who causes the Red Sea to cover the very ones who strategically used the Red Sea to keep us limited and in survival mode. The great deliverance we are walking through is orchestrated and executed by God. He sees us moving towards the 7 mountains of our Promised Land and He is removing the embedded darkness that thought this to be THEIR Promised Land. The evil power holders are beginning to sense God is fighting for us. It will be more than a “sense” before 5779 is over. They will experience what it is like to be in the crosshairs of His Justice. Though we wrestle not against flesh and blood, some "flesh and blood" has so partaken of the demonic that they are almost one. Related to that:


“In that same day, I will punish all those who leap over the threshold, who fill their master's house with violence and deceit.”

Those who "leap over the threshold" are associated with the worship of Dagon. Dagon was the Philistine deity who was the father of Baal. Part of what will be coming out in 5779 is the proof that many of the corrupt ones being disempowered are actual worshipers of Baal, Molech, Dagon, and Satan himself. Some of the most abominable practices imaginable will come to light and it will be initially hard to believe because it will be so evil—and so widespread among certain evil elite. Their violence and their deceit have filled this nation, even in multigenerational ways. They are now going to be punished. Some you will never hear about, but their lives will just be taken, even as Herod’s life was taken in Biblical times. If you are one of these you will be in His crosshairs in 5779.


A strategy of Satan—that works with his lack of creativity—is to essentially hijack divine symbols and numbers and use them for his purposes. He is a thief and he hopes his stealing and corrupting of these things will cause God’s people to cease to acknowledge and benefit from the good. Numbers such as 3, 7, 30, 33, 300 and the rainbow are among those good numbers and symbols. He also uses an upside down cross, a distorted star of David, butterflies, and eagles as symbols for various evil things he is involved in. It is important that we don’t allow counterfeits to cause us to toss out the real. The real is still significant in heaven, and they are not removing something in heaven just because Satan has chosen to use it. You don’t throw away real $100 bills just because counterfeit ones have been made.

 There is a full rainbow around the throne (Rev. 4) and it is going to remain there. There are 7 blazing flames of fire around the throne and they are the 7 spirits of God, Himself (Rev. 4 and 5). 7 is the most perfect and complete number of our powerful and beautiful God. All of the previously mentioned numbers and symbols will have a positive application in heaven and still should for us today. For instance, red is not originally a color of Jezebel or code color for pedophilia. It is one of God’s colors and most powerfully speaks of the blood of Jesus, which is and was the game-changer of all game-changers. A Crimson Tide of deliverance is coming in on our behalf and it will take us into a new day.


I have talked often on the theme of justice over the last year, and this focus is only increasing. It is coming in ever-increasing waves. The main thing we want to be aware of about justice is that it is not so much about God being angry with evil and evil-doers but rather about His heart towards those being abused and harmed. His anger towards the evil ones is the secondary effect of His rescuing heart towards those that are “the least of these.” The human-trafficking, sex-trafficking, pedophilia rings are a specific focus of God at this time, and worldwide webs and rings are being disrupted and will be the focus of God’s Justice in 5779. The high-level purveyors of this abuse of His kids are going to meet up with His justice. In that justice assignment a merciful option to repent will be given—though many will reject it because the evil they have enveloped themselves in is so severe and extreme. It would cause most to face life-imprisonment or worse. Some will nevertheless repent and this will be a best-case scenario, as it will allow for the salvation of their souls. God is ever merciful—even in His justice.


There are all sorts of great economic numbers for our nation at this time. Dow Jones nearing 27,000, the Wilshire 5000 over 30,000, unemployment at the lowest ever, many numbers at the best ever for blacks, Hispanics, as well as for everyone else—despite President Trump supposedly doing all sorts of economic damaging things, such as entering into trade and tariff wars. We have been blessed economically, and despite the unchartered and somewhat unnerving process we are going through it will all tend towards an even greater financial rescue.  Whatever momentary hiccups we may experience from time to time, know that the steady direction will be economic health—despite surreptitious attempts from dark agendas to harm or kill the economy. If you are a believer there is one course of action for you to take moving forward on money matters, and that is, be bold. Don’t be a hoarder and don’t be consumed with self-preservation. This is the time for the righteous to be bold as lions and to ignore fearful speculations. Of course, to the degree that you yield to Mammon (fear or greed) to that degree, you risk missing out on the economic grace available. The rewards of being a believer don’t come because you have said the sinners' prayer. The rewards come by actually being a BELIEVER. Staying generous, honoring the Lord with your first fruit, and always inquiring of the Lord. These all become important guardrails as you move forward. A great multitude of ministers of wealth are about to be formed and released for the mandate of reaching cities and nations with kingdom solutions. Why not be a part of that great adventure with God?


It should seem only logical that if we are valuing the start of a new year based on the Jewish calendar that it is in itself establishing the preeminent place that Israel holds in world and kingdom affairs. There are so many things regarding Israel that God will be working on in 5779. There are surreptitious elements within Israel’s intelligence community that are going to be exposed, and it will be an important national matter and even international matter. Exposure of corruption, especially sexual, is going to be something God is going after, while simultaneously judging the outside nations that attempt to do Israel harm. He is going to be the perfect parent to Israel during these days, both correcting and protecting—and we are to understand and cooperate with His heart towards His initial covenant people. Israel is central to God’s master storytelling of the ages and it is worth never losing sight of that. He will be ever-rescuing and delivering Israel because He who began a good work will complete it perfectly. 


The goal of every new year must always be to seek how to agree with what God is presently doing. It is the area we most repeatedly miss God. Wrong timing and in the wrong measure is how we generally mess things up. Always be inquiring of God what is NEXT on His agenda and then how passionately to go for that. As long as we are more known for what we are against than what we are for, be assured we are doing something in either wrong timing or wrong measure, or both. God is executing a great day of deliverance on our behalf, but some of what He is coming to save us from is ourselves. Sometimes our greatest oppressors are not the evil, global elite, but church-released, faulty concepts on God and on His narrative of the day. Sometimes our greatest “fake news” is coming from our own pulpits. Sometimes our “Egyptians” are within us and we sabotage ourselves from our own breakthroughs by advancing rules and religion instead of love and relationship. This year I declare your great day of deliverance for all of it. He comes to set the captives free.

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