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"This is the Hour When Giants Fall" Victoria Boson

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"This is the Hour When Giants Fall"
Victoria Boyson, Montgomery, TX

In the days of the prophet Samuel, the army of Israel had assembled their army together to fight the Philistines near Judah. As the armies faced off against each other, a giant man nine feet tall came out of the ranks of the Philistine army. Goliath was covered in bronze from head to toe, "...and he carried a bronze javelin on his shoulder. The shaft of his spear was as heavy and thick as a weaver's beam, tipped with an iron spearhead that weighed 15 pounds" (1 Samuel 17:6-7).

Goliath was confident he would rule over the their army and take them all captive. He stood and shouted, taunting and mocking the Israelite army, saying: "'...This day I defy the armies of Israel...!' When Saul and the Israelites heard this, they were terrified and deeply shaken" (1 Samuel 17:10-11).

The Mighty Intimidator: Goliath
I experienced a vision of Goliath standing before the Israelite army and what I saw made it very real to me. I have often wondered why the Israelites were so intimidated by Goliath, but after seeing this vision, I no longer wonder. Truly, he was the very definition of an ego maniac. He literally roared when he felt their fear diminishing. Having never laid a hand on even one soldier in the Israelite army, he held them all captive with his audacious intimidation. It wasn't enough for him to wear more armor than a normal person could even carry, outfitted with brandish weapons that were even too much for him to manage. No. He was driven by a desire to hold his audience captive with intimidation. He fed on the fear others had for him.

In my vision, I saw that Goliath was up front and towering over every other soldier and howling out all kinds of intimidating threats with his booming voice. Like tiny twigs, he broke tree trunks, launching them in the air when he thought more intimidation was needed. He stomped on the ground until it shook, until even his armor bearer was afraid of what he might do next.

The Shepherd Boy
Into this storm-like atmosphere walked David, the shepherd. David loved the Lord with a great passion and intensity. He couldn't stand to see injustice done against Him. What he realized that others didn't was that the tolerance of injustice against those known to be loved and protected by God, was also an injustice against God Himself! Having formed an intimate friendship with the God of justice, he had an instinctive aversion to injustice. He couldn't tolerate it. He had seen true justice and how our God had designed His children to live. Their tolerance of tyranny was literally inconceivable to him.

Army of Davids
In our day, we have many, many GOLIATHS! Everywhere we turn we hear another painful, gut-wrenching story of another child of God, whose heart has been broken. We see the hijacking of our authority in Christ by insignificant, minor demonic strongholds which stand like Goliaths, full of indignation and pride, ranting and raging intimidation against the Body of Christ. Like Saul and his whole army who were "dismayed" and "terrified," this bully-spirit of rage and accusation has kept its victims hiding, praying for help.

Father God is releasing an ARMY OF DAVIDS all over the globe, emerging from the wilderness. Indeed, He has raised them up and trusts them with His power. As they enter into the lives of those under the influence of a giant, something heavenly is unleashed. God has spent years training them in the wilderness and has given them victory after victory until they are finally convinced!

Are You a Giant Killer?
Yes, YOU ARE A GIANT KILLER! You don't need armor or traditional weapons; all you have and all you need is GOD! You totally and absolutely trust in Him and cannot fathom others not doing so. God has brought these Goliaths to you in order to build you up in HIM! As you knock them down, one by one, your REPUTATION in the spirit realm grows until you have but to approach a person and demons flee.

The Goliaths of the world rely on spiritual powers and divination to intimidate and control others. They think their powers are unbeatable. Blinded by their pride and falsely laid confidence in themselves, the giants underestimate the power of the warriors of the Lord's army as they step up, so their demise is unexpected. Truly, the Davids purposely look insignificant to the Goliaths, and oh how the giants roar with contempt when they see these Davids. That is...until the Davids open their mouths and from them flows brutal authority in the spirit that decapitates the strongholds of Goliaths.

Goliaths are spiritual "WHEATIES" to this ARMY OF DAVIDS—the more they eat, the stronger they get!

Father God Says:
"It's time for some Goliaths to fall. It's time for My Davids to arise. It's time for the wilderness to end and for you to move to the forefront of the battle. I have prepared you for this hour and you will see that My preparation in your life has been complete and absolute. They consider your trust in Me to be foolishness and absurdity. Let them think you're silly for trusting in Me. We'll surprise them! They won't understand who they are truly dealing with until it is too late. You are My secret weapon! My GIANT KILLER!

"Go with confidence in Me and watch the giants of fear and intimidation fall. You will liberate one stronghold after another and I will keep you from being discovered—I will keep you protected. You are a secret, and I am your BOLD LEADER! I will not allow them to continue bullying My children. My justice will be felt. I will be heeded and I will be obeyed. And they will feel the weight of My presence until they bend their knees to Me.

"Do not fear them! If you fear them, you will be disgraced. If you STAND IN ME, you will be UNSTOPPABLE, VICTORIOUS and TRIUMPHANT! I am with you and I will not leave you."

Father is Calling Us to a PRAYER-WAR!

Saints, Father God is calling us to stand up and take authority over the giants in our cities, states and our nation! We are entering a new season and we will soon find out what that means. Powers will arise in each of us in this season that we never dreamed of. God will bring people across your path who need their giants felled just to give you practice! Father God is building an army. If you've been in the wilderness, you've been experiencing His boot camp. Trust Him to move you to the front lines and protect you there. These are days we are unaccustomed to. Let go of the fear of the past, stand up and watch the giants fall before you. You are more powerful than you know!

God has put it on my heart to have an OPEN AIR PRAYER-WAR! He gave me a word a few months ago called, "Father God Says: 'It's Time For A Prayer-War!'" Now is the time He wants us to begin! It is our D-Day!

The Army of Davids is arising and standing up to the intimidation of the giants. We are entering the days the Lord has chosen to display His JUSTICE! It's time for our righteous Judge to overturn the unjust rulings of the accuser of the brethren. If you feel moved with a strong conviction of injustice when you hear how wrongly someone has been treated, the spirit of David is awakening in you. Indeed, the Spirit of our righteous God is arising in you!
It's time for the tyrants, dictators and manipulators to fall! Our Lord is calling His army to RISE and WAR against the strongholds and principalities that control the oppressors in our world! God is moving you to the front lines as His Kingdom invades the darkness. It's time to dust off unbelief and suit up for battle, we are going to war at last! Goliath is going to fall!

Joy-Filled Expectancy
We're expecting a great harvest of souls to come flooding into our Father's Kingdom! We are JOYFULLY expecting the UNEXPECTED! Father God has a gift for you! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Love and blessings,
Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries

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