Monday, October 1, 2018

Frank Laubach Suggestion

The other day as I was sorting through old notes I had taken I came across this suggestion  from Frank Laubach.   It seemed good to post it here for all of us to read and try.

Frank often used visualization to pray for others.  I remember reading several different stories of him sending loving thoughts to those he saw were downcast on buses, in meetings, etc.  He would watch as a change came over their countenance.

Have you ever read his Game With Minutes in which he attempts to see how much of each day he can fill his mind with thoughts of Jesus?  It is an excellent exercise.

Anyway,  the note I found said that Frank encouraged us to envision ourselves walking into a person's house (we know in dream interpretation that a house often represents the person) and saying,

"The Sprit of Jesus floods your mind and heart." 

 He used this as a type of intercessory prayer for individuals.

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