Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Reading 67 Psalms in 67 Days

Have you been reading a Psalm/day with Johnny Enlow which was suggested in his 67 Days of God's Face Shining Upon Us article?  He has a daily commentary of each Psalm on his facebook page.  If you haven't been reading these, I highly recommend it.  I find each one of them to be excellent but I must say, so far, Day 23 was a highlight.  Today's is also a favorite.  We are on Day 30.  Johnny's commentary on the Psalms is enlightening and revelatory.  It is amazing how pertinent each Psalm is to current news.

This excerpt from today's reading was eye-opening and mind-expanding for me.  I had never thought of praise and worship in this way.  It gives new meaning to the phrase "a sacrifice of praise."

"As badly as David loved His Presence, he consistently wanted to experience it “in the land of the living.” I think he innately knew that there is no worship of God in heaven that can compare with worship on earth. As shocking as that sounds, even the most skilled, elaborate and passionate worship in heaven registers differently to the heart of the Father. There, all can see and experience Him face to face and in His full glory. All questions of what was God doing and why is God delaying have been answered. Praise and worship of Him can’t be helped in that atmosphere. It is so obvious there— that He is Good, and Kind, and Glorious, and Majestic, and Wonderful, and Loving, and Beautiful. Here we sing from a war zone. Here all those descriptions of Him are constantly assailed and easily doubted. The worship of God that comes from earth is always going to have more potential than that which comes from heaven. When one here can be fighting sickness, inwardly grieving a loss of a relative, tormented by a child who has gone astray, facing demonic injustice in government— and STILL says from the heart YOU ARE GOOD! Now that’s rare worship and it outdoes what 10,000 angels around the throneroom can do."

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