Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Plot Against The President Documentary

 Have you seen the documentary, "The Plot Against The President"?  I hadn't, but it was highly recommended to me so since it is free on Amazon Prime, we decided to have friends over to watch it last night.  What an amazing expose!   Once you see it, and understand the corruption, lies and deception used to destroy the lives and character of those who disagree with the global agenda (particularly of note the agenda to be rid of General Flynn), you will never watch the mainstream media again.  We are being brainwashed constantly!  I knew that in theory, but after seeing irrefutable evidence of how deep the corruption is, I am dismayed and determined to do everything in my little world of influence to ensure that it is exposed and stopped.

  Here is the link. Once you've seen it be sure to pass it on.  How else will truth ever be known?

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