Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Huge Stainless Steel Slide in The Woodlands

 The slide is finished and open at our new park, The Woodlands, in Martinsville!  It is so fun!  It is a one of a kind slide--designed and constructed especially for our hillside and as far as we can determine, at 80 feet long it is the longest stainless steel hillside slide in the U.S.  (If you have heard of one longer I would be glad to know--we don't want to be deceptively advertising it, but unless I hear differently it looks as if that is how we will promote it.)

Here the guys are funneling concrete to the supports.

Doesn't this photo make you wish you could take a turn down it?

The whole idea behind developing The Woodlands is to make it a fun place for adults, as well as children, to have fun. Walking paths and wood balance equipment have also been added.  The park has only been open since Thursday but so far many adults have already been thrilled as they go down the slide!  

We also have plans to add a 200 foot dual zip line, adult exercise equipment, and outdoor musical instruments, all of which we would like to have installed by our grand opening in April.

 If you're in our area, be sure to stop by for a fun adventure.  

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