Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Faith Talks with Emily Preston

My friend, Juliet, who I met through this blog, sent me a link to Emily Preston's wonderfully informative and inspirational website.  Her podcasts are amazing!  Here is the link.  Juliet said she was listening to "Things Obey Words" on the site and suggested I would love it.  So now I am on my second time through listening to that series.  It is that good!  Much of it I have heard over the years but I needed to have it confirmed again and be encouraged to step out in faith.  

I have begun listening to some of Emily's other podcasts.  She also has other great resources including a PDF of Confessions For Life: God's Promises for You, an excellent resource!   I highly recommend you check her out.

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juliet said...

Yay! I am so glad you are also enjoying Emily's podcasts and linked them here. They truly are awesome and inspiring messages full of truth! I love how God leads us to other people in the body of Christ who are gifted in relaying His messages. :)