Sunday, December 5, 2021

"Focus in December" Joe Joe Dawson

 "Focus in December", Joe Joe Dawson, Texarkana, Texas, posted on the Elijah List yesterday.

I want to share with you a prophetic word that the Lord gave me for December 2021. I don't often share prophetic words for specific months, because I believe God works more in seasons than anything else. However, in a recent time of prayer, the Lord gave me a clear word for this December. It was just one word: "focus."

I then sensed from the Lord that in this upcoming season, the world is about to become extremely loud—even louder than it has been. There will be many distractions and much noise from the enemy. It is key for each of us to have strong discernment in this season.

Focus and Listen for God's Strategies

Over the last few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me about leaning in to hear Him more clearly for strategies going into 2022. I believe our greatest strategy for the upcoming year is focus. For those willing to develop an undistracted focus, the Lord will give them clarity and wisdom in spite of the chaos of the world around them. If you will keep your gaze set on the Lord in this hour, you will be able to keep moving forward right through the noise.

Now, this is the Christmas season. You should take this time to celebrate with your family and those you love. However, you can still navigate this season with focus. This intense focus will propel you into all that God has for you in 2022. (Photo via Pxhere)

I remember the Lord spoke a similar word to me right before the whole COVID pandemic, the lockdown and everything. The Lord told me to remain focused during that season. Because of this strategy from the Lord, I was able to continue to thrive and move forward in spite of the swirl and noise going on in the world.

When the world gets loud, we can be tempted to put our focus on what is happening in the natural. We can easily start putting all our energy and time into keeping up with what is happening around us instead of hearing from Heaven on what to do and how to pray. When our focus shifts from what God is doing and saying, we can easily be thrown off course. However, I believe the Lord is wanting you and I to understand our Kingdom assignments for this season.

Your Focus in This Season Will Position You for the Next

The best way we can keep in alignment with the Lord is to keep our focus on Him. Don't get distracted. Keep your focus, even when the world keeps getting louder and louder. You can get to a place with the Lord where the noise of the world becomes insignificant, because you have turned your ear to hear His voice instead.

Your focus in this season will position you for the next season. The Lord needs you in proper position for all He has for you in 2022. So stay focused, know what God has called you to, and enjoy this season! Spend some extra time in prayer. Really lean in to hear what the Lord is saying to you over the next few weeks and stay focused!

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