Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Card

    Do you send Christmas cards?  It is a lot of work and expense, but I enjoy the process.  I have been making our cards for many years now using Publisher on my computer.   I include pictures and news of our family and then print them--or have them printed--on double-sided matte photo paper. Assembling the information for the cards helps me relive and be thankful for life and family!  Writing the addresses on the envelopes reminds me of the person and brings back memories of things we have done together or how I met them.  It affords a little opportunity to offer a prayer of gratitude for their lives,
       I have been working on our card the last couple of days.  Since I got my new Apple computer I also purchased Pages, Apple's answer to Publisher.  Since I've always used Publisher it was necessary to learn how to use the new program before I could do the card.  It seems everything I do these days takes twice as long as I think it will!  For instance, who would have thought I could spend so much time decorating the house??
     Anyway, yesterday I finally was able to get most of the information organized and laid out in a way that seems acceptable.  Today I will refine the process and hopefully have the card in the mail by early next week.  Here is a screen shot of the cover of the card:
      Besides the fact I was using an entirely different program to do the card, writing this blog also made it harder to determine what to add to the card.  I feel as if I've already written about most of the important things that have happened this year.  Of course many to whom I will send the card don't even know about this blog, so I had to consider that when writing.
    Sometimes it seems pretentious to think anyone cares enough to spend time reading about our family and my thoughts, but then I remember how eagerly I await the mail during the Christmas season!  I can hardly wait to get letters from friends and family to catch me up on the happenings in their lives.  I would so miss hearing from each person that I can only assume many feel the same way.  So in addition to the joy of remembering as I prepare my cards for the mail, knowing there are others like me who are eagerly anticipating news makes it worth the time it takes to keep up the tradition.
     I hope you, too, have time to reconnect with friends and family during this busy season.

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Lincy said...

Well, I enjoy reading about your family and your thoughts so keep on writing! You are absolutely right...... we need to drop the shopping and return to the true meaning of Christmas!