Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New "Recipes" Page Format

        Most of you who follow this blog know that when I started the blog I added a "Recipes" page for my children and grandchildren (and friends, who were interested) so they would have a reference for recipes I had cooked for them throughout the years.   It was my goal to add more recipes weekly.  Some of the recipes had been handed down for generations--usually with no specific measurements--so by trial and error I determined the amounts and wrote them into recipes.  Some came from friends.  And some were discovered in cookbooks and on Internet sites, but all had become favorites.  As the number of recipes increased, and I realized I had many more to add, it occurred to me that I could have them printed into a cookbook for my family for Christmas.  
      Now that the cookbook has been printed and distributed to family members, I decided to post all the recipes as they appear in the cookbook on the blog, too.  It seems there is more information included in the cookbook than a blog page will allow because I continually get an "error in saving" message when I try to post it all together, so I have divided the recipes into two separate pages.  
     For those of you who have been using recipes off this site, it may take a little while to find them now, but eventually I believe this format will make them easier to find.  I have tried to include each type of recipe together in the sections--i.e. all the breads before I added the breakfast dishes so once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you'll have no problem returning to the recipe.  Here are the new sections:
Recipes #1 page include the sections: 1 Appetizers,  2 Breads & Breakfast,  3 Main Dishes & Casseroles,  4 Salads & Side Dishes, and  5 Soups & Sandwiches.
Recipes #2 page includes:  6 Cakes, Pies, & Desserts,  7 Candy, Cookies, & Bars, and  8 Miscellaneous.

      I assume I will be adding to these occasionally.  If I do, I will probably post about the recipe on the "Home" page as I add it to the other recipes so you will know new ones have been added.
      I hope you enjoy this labor of love and find some recipes that will become your favorites, too. 

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