Tuesday, February 14, 2012

George Mueller's Filter for Prayer

      I saved this information about George Mueller's "filter for prayer" in my "Quotes" document years ago and re-discovered it this morning.   For those who are not familiar with George Mueller, God answered his prayers mightily by providing millions of dollars to support his orphanages without George ever telling anyone of his need.  I found this short biography of him on the internet.  (The filter is posted below.)

      "God used George Mueller (1805-1898) wonderfully in an abundance of ministries. Simultaneously he pastored a church of 1,200 members; operated Sunday schools that taught and evangelized thousands of children; housed, fed clothed, taught and evangelized 2,050 orphans annually for decades; supported 187 missionaries; organized the Scriptural Knowledge Institute that distributed vast quantities of Bibles, Scripture portions, and tracts.  Relying solely upon God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and prayer he supported all of these works.
     At the age of seventy he began a series of missionary speaking tours that took him to Europe, Asia, North American, and Australia. Mr. Mueller was an educated man able to preach in English, German and French without the need of an interpreter. He also was well versed in both Greek and Hebrew. Thousands attended the meetings at which he spoke. In addition, he received hundreds of invitations that he was unable to accept.
      Mr. Mueller never accepted a salary for any of these ministries.  Neither did he tell anyone of his personal need nor any of the ministries needs.  He told only God and God honored and anointed him mightily."   http://www.bsmi.org/mueller.htm

George Muller said he always put himself through a filter of purification, dedication, and consecration before every prayer he made to the Father.
Here is the filter as he described it:
First: Separation from all known sin.
That filters out all greed, lust, and deceit. 
Second: Absolute faith in God's promises
That filters out all doubt.
Third: Ask in accordance with His will
That filters out all personal ego and self- will.
Fourth: Entire dependence upon Christ as the mediator
That filters out all stress and strain.
Fifth: Continuity and patient waiting
That filters out all irritation and impatience.

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