Friday, February 10, 2012

Martinsville Mapping and Banana Jumbo Cookies

      I have two reasons for this post today.  One is to mention the MAPPING meetings and to encourage any of you who live in the area to attend the next one, and the other is to make a correction to a recipe in my cookbook (I've already corrected it on the blog.)

      Last night was the second meeting of Martinsville MAPPING.  MAPPING is an acronym but I can't remember exactly what it stands for--something like Metro Area Planning... The meetings are conducted by a group from Western Illinois University.  The process has been interesting and the enthusiasm of the people attending is contagious.  Hopefully, a plan and strategy for sustaining and improving the quality of life for the future of Martinsville will be worked out in these meetings.  Last night we worked on coming up with some BHAG's (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for the community if there were no restrictions and anything was possible.  It was interesting to hear people's dreams and to see that many were dreaming the same thing.  Next week we will be voting on the long term BHAGs for which we want to develop shorter term strategies that will help us reach the BHAGs in the next several years.

     Since I had some ripe bananas that I wanted to use, I called Cindy who was bringing barbecue sandwiches for the MAPPING group, to see if I could bring cookies.  I have made the Banana Jumbo cookie recipe which is posted on the Recipes #2 page since our children were small, but yesterday I decided to sprinkle half the frosted cookies with coconut.  They were even more delicious than the regular recipe!  I can't believe it has taken me 30 years to think of this!  So for those of you who have my cookbook you might want to add this suggestion to the recipe.  I also only baked them 8 minutes instead of 10.

     So if you are at all interested, you're welcome to come to the next MAPPING meeting on Thursday, Feb. 16 at 6:00.   Not only will you have an opportunity to help plan for the future of Martinsville by contributing your ideas to the discussion, but you will get to sample good food, too.  Next week is chili and who knows what kind of cookies.

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