Thursday, February 9, 2012

I missed an anniversary!

    I realized this week that because we were on vacation, I missed celebrating the first anniversary of  It seems appropriate to at least make note of the fact that as of January 31, it has been in existence for one year.  That is somewhat of an accomplishment, I think, because I read somewhere that the life span of most blogs is less than 3 months.
    I have enjoyed the process and am (relatively) happy with the results.  Of course, I wish I was a better writer, but there is hope I will improve as I continue to practice through blogging.  Some of the great results of the blog include having published a cookbook because of the Recipes page posts, having some of my favorite articles, YouTube videos, pictures, thoughts, etc. in a place where I can find them easily, and receiving comments and getting to know new people through the blog.
     Every day I look forward to seeing how many people have visited the blog and where they are from.  (Blogger statistics show the number of visits and what countries they are from, but there is no way to tell who they are, or whether they are the same people, or new people stumbling upon the blog.)  So far there have been visits from 58 countries!  Isn't that amazing?  Sitting here in my living room I am talking to people all over the world!  I find that fascinating!  And also a little intimidating.  It certainly gives me something to consider as I write each post.
      Some days it is difficult to think of a topic to write about, and then sometimes when I do think of one, I wonder if anyone but me is interested in that topic.  Your comments are so encouraging.   I love meeting new people--especially from different countries and cultures, so I enjoy so much hearing from any or all of you who read this.  I feel sort of like we are family.  Please keep the comments and emails coming.
     My goal from the beginning was not only to make the blog a repository of the things I want to remember and keep, but also to share those things which I treasure with you.  I hope you have found some ideas to help you, or to inspire you, or to challenge your thinking in some way.
     The one thing I wish I could discover is how to get a conversation going.  I think it would be so much more interesting for the blog to be a conversation than a monologue.  I would love to hear from you who read this about your lives, your interests, helpful tips, your opinions on the posts--anything--you would like to share with me and other readers, either through emails, or in the comments sections.
     Thanks to all of you for reading my blog and for your encouragement.  In this busy world when so many things call for our attention, I consider it a great honor that you would choose to spend time with me.  I appreciate it immensely and continue to pray that your lives will be blessed with Shalom.

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Lincy said...

Well Happy Anniversary to Shalominthewilderness blogspot!!!! Keep posting!!!