Monday, June 11, 2012

Economics 101--What is God's Plan? by Dr. Art Mathias

        Dr. Art Mathias of Wellspring Ministries has written an excellent article entitled "Economics 101--What Is God's Plan" which you can read here: (  In it he helps us to see how we are being conditioned to look at capitalism as bad and are thereby being led into becoming a socialistic country.
      I have included the above link so you can read the whole article, but I am posting an excerpt from the article so you can see the comparisons of the values of capitalism compared to socialism.  It is obvious where our country is headed.  We must take a stand before it is too late.

Rewards compassion and giving 
Values the individual
Encourages investment
Rewards work, effort and diligence 

Competes in business
Take care of the poor
Values an inheritance
Values private property
Responsible for your own success 

Encourages use of capital to create more 
Business is good and honorable 
Encourages creativity
Values the human spirit
Values and defends God
Uses God’s values in society 

Understanding of human nature Limited government
Created in His image
Values human life
Values business
Creates incentive to grow and progress

Takes from workers and rewards the lazy 
Values the state, creates class warfare‐covets 
Discourages investment‐no reward
Rewards laziness—covets
Competes for basic necessities—thus cruel Creates destitute and poor
Taxes inheritance and steals it
Controls or state ownership (steals)
State provides (vs. God)—regardless of effort Profit is evil
Business exploits
Discourages creativity—no reward
Values the state
Atheistic or Polytheistic (many gods) 

Removes God and His commands
False understanding of human nature
Big government with unlimited control 

Little value of life—abortion
Blames business
Steals incentive

There are many other comparisons but I hope you get the idea. We are at a crossroad in our country and world. The fruit of socialism/communism is very evident. I hope this brief paper will help you to cement your beliefs and then be able to speak out and defend them.
Capitalistic America is the most giving, compassionate, and benevolent country that has ever existed in human history. Be proud of who we are, what we have done and what we stand for. We have rescued the world over and over again from the despots of socialism/communism. Do not apologize. We are not perfect but we are not the evil colonizers of the world forcing our values on others that some believe.
Americans have given millions of lives defeating the socialistic/communistic dictators that have tried to imprison the world. We have given trillions of dollars to help others. When someone apologizes for who and what we are they curse every life and every dollar that we gave to rescue and help this world.
If you are really an American you will understand who we are—you will be proud to be an American— you will defend America—you will not apologize.
Please forward this to others. God Bless you in this war for America—GET INVOLVED!
You can contact the author at,, or 907.563.9033

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