Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fair Oaks Farms Adventure Center - America's Heartland

     This is an amazing farm!  We have visited it a couple of times but both times we got there too late to take the bus tour (we were on our way back from conferences in Chicago.)  I would like to go again sometime to experience it all.
     Since it would be a fun and educational outing for families--and an easy day trip from Martinsville--I'm also including a link to their website and contact information for your convenience so you can check them out.

Fair Oaks Farms   (http://www.fofarms.com/en/home)
856 N 600 E
Fair Oaks, IN 47943

Contact us at:
Phone: (219) 394-2025
Toll Free: (877) 536-1194
Fax: (219) 394-2026
E-mail: info@fofarms.com

(FYI for non-techys:  I have discovered if you click on the YouTube button on the videos I post it will take you to YouTube where you can then watch them on the full computer screen by clicking on the rectangle in the lower right hand column.  Press the escape key to exit full screen.)

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