Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Another Great Resource: The Divine Exchange

     I have just finished reading The Divine Exchange by Derek Prince.  You can download a free PDF copy to your eReader, or computer, here.  It is only 50 pages long but does an excellent job of summarizing what Jesus accomplished on the Cross.
      Since I first heard the "grace" message preached at CFO in the 80's, through the years when I sat at the feet of Tommy Tyson and listened to Glenn Clark, Starr Daily, Agnes Sanford, Dallas Willard, and others on cassette tapes, until more recently when I've been listening to Bill Johnson and Graham Cooke and now when I'm reading Joseph Prince's Grace Revolution, I am drawn to this message.  I can't hear it too much.  In fact, I need to be reminded of it daily.
      If you are longing to better understand and walk in all that Jesus provided through his death on the cross, I highly recommend this book.

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