Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Francis Frangipane on Prayer

Encouraging words from Francis Frangipane on the power of prayer to change nations:

"Today, perhaps more than at any other time in history, nations stand at a crossroads. In the midst of terror attacks, blatant rebellion and worldwide conflicts, is there yet one more "great awakening" in God's heart that will sweep multitudes into His kingdom? Or is the future irreversibly clocked, ever ticking toward catastrophic conflicts and doom? I, for one, am convinced that the Lord's heart burns for the nations. I believe that a great harvest season awaits us.

It is easy to see sin and predict doom. Yet the very fact that God gives us the privilege of prayer tells us He desires we participate with Him in the transformation of our world. Indeed, even when a nation seems fully in the grip of evil, the heart of God is searching for one who would "stand in the gap before [Him] for the land." God's heart is to redeem, "not destroy" (Ezek. 22:30).

What a tremendous insight into the nature of God, that if just one person embraces Christlike transformation -- if he or she stands in the gap in unoffendable intercession -- that individual can alter the future of a nation! Before you think I am exaggerating, both the Bible and secular history tell us this is exactly the case. Singular individuals have stood for their families, churches, cities and nations, and throughout time God has used them to alter the course of history (Heb. 11; Eccl. 9:15)."

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