Sunday, November 13, 2016

Awakened to Destiny

       We just returned from a wonderful Awakened to Destiny Conference sponsored by Randy Clark's Global Awakening Ministry.  The conference began on Wednesday and ended last night.  So many amazing things happened!  Randy Clark, Bill Johson, and Tom Jones gave such hopeful, encouraging Biblical messages!! We heard astonishing testimonies of miracles and healings!  Steve Swanson led the most anointed worship I have ever participated in!
      When I attend these conferences I always wish my mainline church friends would go with me just once.  If they could see the awesome worship and the amazing healings, surely their faith would be stirred to want to see the same things in their churches.  How can anyone settle for something less than the Bible says we are to have and do?  Jesus commissioned us to go and preach the gospel but he also told us to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons.  I have no idea how we got to the place of such ineffective, boring Christianity that seems to be the norm today in so many churches (I'm sure I could do a little research in church history to find out, if I was really interested).  Why do so many believe we are to preach the gospel but leave off the rest of the commission?  Why are so many satisfied with only hearing a salvation message?  There is so much more after salvation!  Jesus said signs and wonders will follow those who preach the gospel.  How many signs & wonders have you seen in your church lately?
        I believe there is a great need for revival in this country, but I am excited to report it is happening in many places already.  I pray "More, Lord!"

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