Saturday, November 19, 2016

I am excited

        I have my house decorated for Christmas!  I know it's early but circumstances contrived to get me to do it now.  Dragging out all those Christmas decorations is one thing I don't enjoy doing because everything is in such a mess until the decorating is completed, but I love it when it is finished!  Everything looks so beautiful!  We have the biggest tree we have ever had!  The tree farm called the other day to ask if I wanted a larger one this year (since I always buy their largest) because they were working with a tree farm in Wisconsin and could get 15-16 foot trees.  I told him if he could get it here before Thanksgiving--since our daughter and family would be here then and not Christmas--I wanted one.  He called last week to say the tree was in so we picked it up on Sunday.  I have spent much of the week decorating the tree(s) and house.  On Sunday, we also cut 3 small cedar trees in our woods.  I put the two smaller ones in pots on the steps of the front porch and added white lights, and then placed the larger one on the screened porch with colored lights.  We erected our flocked artificial tree in to the lower level and I decorated it in silver.  Maybe I will take photos of the other trees lighted tonight and post them tomorrow.
        The lights are a great reminder to focus on Jesus, who is the light of the world.  He said because we are His disciples we are also to be lights to the world.  It feels like a prophetic sign that I have added so many lights this year.  I believe His light is increasing through his children and revival is at hand.
      I don't want to ever forget that Jesus is the Reason for this Season.

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