Sunday, September 17, 2017


    Have you ever heard of amla?  I hadn't until I watched Module 4 of the Square One cancer treatment.  I thought you also might be interested to know about it.  It is also called Indian gooseberry and is consumed extensively in India.  Amla is labeled a Superfood here in the U.S. (maybe other countries, too) because it contains so many anti-oxidants. It has some very good publicity online.  One study showed it lowered blood sugar in diabetics better than the leading medication that is usually prescribed.
    Here is an interesting article I found if you want to know more about it.  Here is an interesting video.
    We have been inspired to eat better--lots more whole foods since watching the Square One series.  Adding amla powder to our diet also sounds like a good idea so we have ordered some from Amazon.    
     I will let you know if there is any noticeable change in our health.

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