Monday, September 11, 2017

Going Home

     Country Guy & I have been in Rochester, MN, at the Mayo Clinic for a few days for checkups.  Today we have our last appointments and then will be heading home.  It will be so good to be home!  We have been gone more than 5 weeks throughout this summer so I have been having a very difficult time keeping up with the house and my gardens, not to mention the Linn Park gardens, especially in this hot dry summer when watering has been important to keep things alive!
     I am ready for a routine.  Of course, harvest will be beginning soon so that will mess up my routine again.  Guess I'm not supposed to plan too far ahead and just take things as they come.
     I think I have heard that before--Live in the present, take one day at a time.  It is a difficult lesson for me, as I love to plan and prepare.

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