Friday, September 29, 2017

Window Washing

I have been washing windows this week.  A pretty big job because we have lots of windows in a two-story house.  I tried a couple of different home-made formulas for the washing solution to use on the outside windows and decided this one is the best:
                1/2 bottle Jet-Dry or other rinse agent
                1/4 cup ammonia
                4 Tbs. alcohol
                1/4 to 1/2 cup dishwasher powder
                2 gallons of hot water

On the easily reachable first floor windows  I used a car washing mop.  I saw this recommended on a blog and found it very helpful and effective.  On the higher windows I have an extension pole and a microfiber scrubber (used with a squeegee to wash the inside windows) which I attached to the pole.  The method is to first spray the windows with water, scrub them with the solution, and then rinse by spraying again.  After trial & error, I found that you can't rinse too much.  A couple of the first windows I did had streaks from the solution running down, so I redid them.

This is an excellent method for a house with only first floor windows; for the second story I seemed to be taking a shower with every rinse, but the results were worth getting wet.  Otherwise, I have the crank out windows which can be washed from the inside but it is a cumbersome job.

Inside I use vinegar and water with the above mentioned scrubber and a squeegee.

Such a great feeling to have sparkling windows!


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