Sunday, February 25, 2018

"Key Prophetic Word: Your Atmosphere is Going to Change This Week!" Chuck D. Pierce

A good word for us from Chuck Pierce:

Key Prophetic Word of the Lord given February 18, 2018:
Victory is on the Horizon!
"I AM awakening a new day in you! The horizon line for your life is shifting. You will now see in a way you've not seen before. You will move in a way you've not moved before. You will begin to break into a place you've not broken into before. A new day is shifting for you! 
"There's a victory on this horizon that you've not seen. You've been looking for victory, but have not seen your victory clearly. Victory is on this horizon! Look further, look beyond, and you'll see your victory. For in the midst of confused noise, I always have victory. 
"Don't listen to the confusion that's being authored around you. Listen, for victory is at hand. Listen, for the Victor has risen in this new day. This is your time to see beyond!
Open Up the Gate!
"You've been in a race and you've needed to take a pit stop. But now when you re-enter you'll be accelerating at a pace you've not accelerated at before. You thought you'd be going one way, but I have different road signs for you. You'll begin to interpret what will propel you farther down the path that I have for you. Don't kick against the pricks. Don't keep going in the way you thought you would go, for your way is changing. 
"There are ways in you that you've not seen correctly, and there are gifts in you that have not been opened. Along this path, every road sign will show you a gift that you must open. Once you open that gift, you will begin to go further into the place of your destiny. Open up! Open up the gate!
I'm Unlocking the Heavens!
"You have not interpreted the darkness correctly. In the midst of the darkness is where you'll shine. In the midst of shining you'll begin to see ways you've never seen before. Interpret the darkness this season in a new way. I can write on walls and I can move mountains to communicate with you. Watch My hand this season. My hand is opening up a whole new way and vision for My people.
"I'm unlocking the heavens! I'm unlocking the heavens, and from that I'll unlock the earth. The root of blessing that has never been washed, will be washed. Get ready, for the rain is coming to wash off the root of blessing that has gotten decayed. Get'll sprout forth in new ways!
I'm Sending My Rain!
"I am sending My rain to wash away corruption, religion and poverty. This is your turnaround season. I am coming and causing My rain to pour out. There are regions in this nation that have been dry and desolate, and I am causing My rain to begin to fall. Wherever the rain comes, watch and see as I wash away old religious structures and begin to cause the structure of the Kingdom to arise in a new way. 
"This is a time when I cause Kingdom structures to begin to arise in a new way where churches were shut down because of hardness of heart. My rain is beginning to fall, and seeds that were planted that could not arise will now break forth. The winter season is over, spring has come, and rains of refreshing are beginning to fall. 
"You have been in a burn ban and in a drought, but I am changing that starting today. I am not sending a storm, but a soft breeze and a gentle rain. As this wind comes and this rain occurs, My question to you is this: 'Will you let go and receive the new watering I am bringing you?' 
"This watering is not only for your soul, but also for your land. I am coming to you in a way that you have never seen and do not know. When I get there, you will look and say, 'Oh! It is Jehovah Shammah! He is here! He is here! He is here!'" (This word about rain also specifically addressed West Virginia.)
Word for This Week!
"My heart is beating differently for you this hour. It's not beating the same way it's been's got a different movement. The beat of My heart is going to move you differently. It's like a thunder that's coming that will move you and break you loose. You are the lightning and thunder in the midst of the quiet around you.
"This will be a week when I cause that lightning to go off. This will be a signal to lift the atmosphere around you and break through. Let the thunder begin! Let the lightning strike!
"Step into My timing, for My timing is your breakthrough. Step into My timing and you'll break through right, left and frontwards, and I will be your rearguard. There's grace in My pace. Don't try to slow down, don't try to go ahead. Stay in My pace. There's fire in your fingertips! 
"I have anointed you to send forth My resurrection power to release My fire and consume the rubble. Get ready, as you shoot fire from your fingertips this week, rubble will be consumed and souls will be set free.
"This week I'm blowing all depression, all anxiety and all distractions out of you. Let the lightning strike and blow through an area you've not broken into.Your atmosphere is going to change this week. 
"The glory realm that's been locked up in you is going to break open in a new way. I am popping the cap on what the enemy has tried to close off in your life. It's a new day, it's a new way, and you're breaking through!" (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
(Prophetic words spoken by Chuck D. Pierce, Barbara Wentroble, Keith Pierce, Raven Vincent, and Rebekah Faubion on February 18, 2018.)
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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