Friday, March 2, 2018

More Love, More Power Conference in Champaign

     Yesterday a couple of friends and I attended the More Love More Power Conference in Champaign.  It was amazing!  The worship was holy and anointed, the speakers informative and revelatory.  The day started with worship, followed by an amazing talk by Putty Putman with diagrams of the trinitariness, not only of God, but of the Gospel.  It was so well explained with new revelation of their connectedness.  Then Leif Hetland gave an excellent talk on the 3 chairs.  If you have never heard him talk on this, you can watch a message he gave on the 3 chairs in a prior talk here.  It is a great eye opener on how we see God and how He sees us.  I wanted to connect again with Leif because we have known him for several years.  He stayed at our house a couple of times in the past.  He is a great man of God--an apostle of love, especially to the Muslim world.
    After lunch we went to both of Ken Fish's workshops.   He was the main reason I wanted to attend the conference because a friend and I had attended his workshop a couple of years ago at the MLMP conference.  We were so impressed by his teaching that I after we returned I ordered much of his materials from his Kingdom Fire Ministries website, including his Basic Healing and Intermediate Healing video series which a group of us watched weekly.  Since watching them we have been practicing things taught in the workshops.   Those we attended previously were both different, so I was assuming that would be the case this time.  It was fine, though, because he often says things I need to hear more than once to understand.
     Then after amazing anointed worship Leif gave another outstanding talk.
     What a great day!  We all came hope filled with enthusiasm and encouraged about what God is doing in the world.  We also agreed we should plan to stay for the entire conference next year.  Since Champaign is about 80 miles away it made for a late night last night after an early morning to get there on time--and still we didn't stay till it was over.
   The conference continues through Saturday.

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