Saturday, March 17, 2018

Alone with the Father

     I have been having trouble with my eyes lately--hence not many blog posts.
    This morning as I was praying it seemed the Lord was saying to rest in Him.  As I prayed I was reminded of how much I loved having our children and grandchildren sit on my lap and cuddle when they were small, but they seemed to always be restless and busy so couldn't sit down for long.  I felt the Lord was saying that He also loved for me to come and sit with Him, but just as my children did, I am continuously jumping off His lap to do something or to check on things.  I believe He is asking me to just relax and remain in His embrace.  As I envisioned myself sitting there on His lap He seemed to continue about His business and told those around that I just needed some special time with Him, so invited me to remain.  How blessed I felt!
     If you think of it, I would be grateful for your prayers for clear vision.  I am typing this with one eye closed because otherwise I am seeing double and can't focus.  In the meantime, it looks as if my assignment is to "be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him."
     Is He asking that of you, also?

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