Friday, March 23, 2018

CFO Classics Library

     The CFO Classics Library is a wonderful resource provided by Matt Leach of Shepherd Ministries.  It contains over 200 mp3's of some of the greatest talks by early giants of the faith from Camps Farthest Out all over the country.
     Agnes Sanford, Frank Laubach, Rufus Mosely, Glenn Clark, Tommy Tyson, Estelle Carver, Starr Daily, Roland & Marcia Brown and many others, I believe, were so far ahead in spiritual insight that many in this day and age have not yet caught up with them even though they lived and taught 50-70 years ago!  I highly recommend you listen to a few talks by these great men and women and see if you agree.
     I found a wonderful message by Glenn Clark entitled "Commit Thy Way Unto The Lord" on YouTube this week (which I also saw was in the listing of talks on the Classics' Library). FYI: It says the talk is 1 hour 26 minutes long on YouTube but actually the length was less than 50 minutes.  The rest of the message was blank.
      The 200 mp3's are available to be listened to online or they can be downloaded and listened to on your computer or iPod.  Matt also has over 10,000 cassette tapes yet to be converted to digital format that can be borrowed.  Check out his website linked above for more information.

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