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"Major Demonstrations of My Faithfulness Are Upon You!" Lana Vawser,

      This article by Lana Vawser, sent by the Elijah List today, is just what I needed to hear this morning--actually what I was praying about!  Don't you love it when God lets you know He is listening and answering your prayers?

     For many months the Lord has been speaking to me about His faithfulness being demonstrated powerfully in the Body of Christ in this new era. The way He is demonstrating His faithfulness is going to heal hearts, strengthen many people in the Body of Christ, and restore joy to the ones who have lost it.
     "But you, O Lord, your mercy-seat love is limitless, reaching higher than the highest heavens. Your great faithfulness is infinite, stretching over the whole earth." (Psalm 36:5 TPT)
     "Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds." (Psalm 36:5 ESV)
     Recently, the Lord put forerunners and pioneers heavily on my heart. There are many forerunners and pioneers in the Body of Christ who have been in such intense battles, where the fire has been so very hot. These forerunners and pioneers are "making a way," carving out the pathways that have not been walked before. 
They are walking with the Lord and following the leading of the Holy Spirit to move into unchartered territories, pave pathways that are seemingly "against the grain," and do what has "never been done before" in obedience to the Lord. They are partnering with the Spirit of God to break through hard ground, to break open ancient wells, to push through manmade structures at His leading, and to see the tidal wave of His Spirit and presence come in a new way. (Photo via flickr)
     In the midst of this new era we have entered, these forerunners and pioneers have been facing battles on every front. The Lord kept using the word "relentless" as I sat with Him. They have been facing relentless opposition and attack, and much of their opposition has been from the words of man speaking against what God is doing in their lives, through their lives, and the mandate He set upon them because it "goes against the grain" and what is "expected" or defined as "normal." These are the ones who have remained faithful to the Lord and continue to move in obedience to what God has spoken to them.
     "Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain." (1 Corinthians 15:58 ESV)
     I had an encounter with the Lord where I saw that the heart of God was moved by their obedience and perseverance. I heard the Lord say: "Great is their reward, as they have not bowed to the ways of man but followed in radical obedience to My leading, My ways, My strategies and My voice."
     The Lord has been moved by the yieldedness and dedication of these forerunners and pioneers, who continue with the Lord's work and do NOT bow to anything else but what the Lord has said. They have a strong resolve within them which comes from the place of deep intimacy and love for Jesus—where it has to be HIS WAY or NO WAY at all.
New Demonstrations of His Faithfulness
     The Lord showed me the intense battles that these pioneers and forerunners have been facing. Recently, they have been fighting for their lives, yet they continue to put their hands to what the Lord has spoken and His assignment upon them. There has been a deep weariness, heaviness and discouragement that has come upon many in battle, but I heard the Lord say, "Forerunners and pioneers, major demonstrations of My faithfulness, on every front, are upon you!"
     Pioneers and forerunners, where there has been "battle" and "attack" and "opposition," on every front, the tables are turning. A shift is taking place where you shall now see major demonstrations of His faithfulness manifesting in your lives on every side. These demonstrations will be unprecedented. 
     The way He is going to demonstrate His faithfulness to you, you have never seen before. Your hearts are going to be healed in these demonstrations by the power of God, and your souls will be refreshed. You will be "bubbling over" with joy, with peace, with excitement and vision for the future.
Overnight Positioning Taking Place NOW
     Then these words surrounded me so loudly: "Forerunners and pioneers, you are about to be empowered by My Spirit in strength like you have not known before. Here come the winds of My strength and acceleration!"
     In this encounter I saw the words "INCREASE AND FAVOR" swirling around them.
Pioneers and forerunners, there is a birthing of the new thing that God is doing through what you are carrying and forerunning, and it's taking place right now (Isaiah 43:19). As this release continues to happen, you will be astonished at the level of increase and favor which will be poured upon you by the hand of God. It will totally change your life. (Photo via Unsplash)
     I heard the words, "Many have felt like they were in prison—like Joseph—caged and in such a battle, but OVERNIGHT they will be positioned into the PALACE. That overnight positioning is taking place NOW." God is restoring, increasing, redeeming and extending. The increase in the acceleration and the favor in the acceleration will be unlike anything you have experienced before.
     Many of the forerunners and pioneers feel like they have lost so much time "in the battle," but the Lord is restoring time and doing in a moment what would normally take years to do.
     The power of His Spirit is going to be shown in a moment, and it is going to increase our faith and awe in who He is. God is increasing favor upon them in extravagant ways to see His Kingdom extended, His name lifted high, and many to come to know Jesus.
     The Lord spoke again: "This major increase of favor is upon these ones right now because they will keep it about Me."
Bless Your Brothers in the Increase of Favor
     In the midst of this increase of favor, I saw "brothers" surrounding the pioneers and forerunners, and they were whispering. It reminded me of Joseph's brothers, and the words that can be spoken because of jealousy and insecurity and not knowing the Father's love.
     I then heard the words: "I HAVE PREPARED YOU AND WILL PROTECT YOU." There is a maturing that God has been developing within these forerunners and pioneers to see them respond to words of jealousy, accusation or hurtfulness with a heart of love, like Jesus.
I watched as the pioneers and forerunners, who were feeling the impact of these negative words, chose not respond in offense, in hurt or pain, but to respond in love. As they received the Father's heart for their brothers and sisters, I saw them on their faces weeping—not because of the pain, but out of the love that they felt for the very ones who were cursing them. (Photo via Unsplash)
     There was strength found in the blessing of those who were cursing them. They were motivated by His heart; a heart of forgiveness, blessing and reconciliation. I then heard the words: "In the blessing of those who curse you, some of your greatest enemies will become your greatest friends." Such an incredible sense surrounded me of the powerful, transforming, miraculous move of His Spirit to completely reconcile and turn things around.
     "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." (Matthew 5:44 ESV)
Breaking Battles in the Mind
     I heard the Lord say that there has been an intense battle of the mind upon the pioneers and forerunners— such a torment of the mind—but it is now breaking and He is moving them into a major increase of wisdom and discernment. There is a significant increase upon them for discerning the Lord's voice from the voice of the enemy.
     If that's you, the Lord is taking you deeper into the library of Heaven to reveal more strategies to you for this new era. He is going to release to you SPECIFIC wisdom on how to implement His strategies and how to steward them. The wisdom of God that He is releasing is SO weighty and SO precious. Be sure to treat it with care and steward it well with your obedience. 
     Do not move forward with halfhearted obedience but give your all to HIS WAYS. The Lord showed me that FEAR OF MAN is something that could cause halfhearted obedience as others come playing "devil's advocate."
     I felt the Lord saying to keep your head between your knees in the place of intercession and focus on what HE is speaking. You have the deep resolve within you to follow the Lord's command, and that is clear by the journey you have walked, but do not allow things that "glitter" or the temptation of what looks like "greater influence" in the natural to sway you from the Lord's words in this increase of favor. You know His voice, you know His way.
A Change of Tactics
     I felt the Lord saying that, for many of you, the enemy is changing his tactics. Previously he has come to you with fear and intimidation, weariness and torment of the mind to cause you to "give up," but that hasn't worked. The Lord showed me that he will now try to lure you with things that sparkle or glitter that aren't "bad in nature," but just not what the Lord is breathing on. The enemy will attempt to bring confusion to hinder the acceleration. 
     It's important to stay focused, be wise with whom you share and what you share, and move in the wisdom and discernment of the Lord, for that is where you will find great clarity and protection. Just like Jesus did, when the enemy attempted to tempt Him on the rooftop (Matthew 4) by offering Him all the kingdoms of the world if He would compromise, USE THE WORD OF GOD. Use what God is speaking and where He is leading you as your weapon.
God is also going to send you forth with such specific, heavenly wisdom for others. He will position you to release this wisdom to the people He connects you with, who will bring significant change to the areas of culture they have influence in. The Daniels truly are arising. (Photo via Unsplash)
     God's Royal Flush of Victory
     The shift that is upon you right now is the greatest shift and birthing of your life. This is why the battle has been so intense, but there is a royal flush of His victory that is already yours in Christ, manifesting powerfully in your life to position you in ways you have never been positioned in, to do what you have never done, and go where you never thought you could go. You will RUN, RUN, RUN with Him, and your body will be healed, strengthened and empowered with divine endurance.
     This is your season of fulfillment in your destiny—to see the name of Jesus lifted high and His glory spread all over the earth, with many coming to know Him. 
     The battle in the dark night has shifted and the sun is rising upon you. It's a new day of adventuring, exploring, building and running empowered by the Spirit of God like never before. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries

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