Monday, July 29, 2019

Our 5th Redneck Pool Party

Saturday was the fifth annual Redneck Pool Party at Linn Park sponsored by Martinsville on the Move.  It is so much work, but once the kids come and we see how much fun they are having it seems worth it.  
Bubbles were a big hit with young and old alike!

The 80 foot slip and slide is always popular!
The pinaqua is a fun way to get wet!
Even the little pools were popular!
We made two pools out of straw bales and leftover tarp from the Littlejohn Grain corn pile--one was one straw bale high.  The other was two straw bales high.  Both were well-used.

And of course, Battle Creek's music totally fit the occasion and added to the fun!
We-Li-Kit Ice Cream was a great addition!

      At 8:00 p.m. it was difficult getting the kids out of the pools so we could drain them.  Several children came to tell us thank you for a fun evening.  


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