Friday, July 19, 2019

"World-Wide Change is Here! Don't Sit by the Sidelines...Do Something!" Johnny Enlow

I always enjoy and am encouraged by Johnny Enlow's words.  So, too, with this one:

"World-Wide Change is Here! Don't Sit by the Sidelines...Do Something!"  Johnny Enlow, Nashville, TN

The whole world is changing right before our eyes. Multi-generational darkness is being confronted, exposed and judged. God is using many Kingdom players as catalysts, but it is HE Himself who is invading our world in a strategic cloud of glory. He is decimating the cloud of darkness that has been covering our planet. A veil of deceit is being penetrated and demolished and it will shortly lead to a tsunami of promises fulfilled. God Himself is ambushing the atmosphere with restorative hope and suffocating hopelessness.

If you have any Kingdom pulse at all, it will shortly be very difficult to stay heartsick in hopelessness. God is overwhelming our adversaries as we remain "Kingdom first" people, and rewards for persevering in faith are incoming and greater than most of us imagined.

Watch California
In the United States—watch California as a marker and proof of God's forceful intervention. This beyond-crucial state has been targeted and mined by high-level darkness for some time. Darkness thought it owned California. Nothing could be further from the truth, and this will be shouted from the mountaintops.

The recent earthquakes are NOT a sign of judgment on California, but a demand from the earth and creation itself for God to intervene. God is loudly responding to the groans of His creation, and much of this will be almost immediate.

California will be flipped to red not because God is Republican, but because blue has partnered with darkness in that state. God has been mocked by the blue and God's little ones have been harmed by the blue. The blue has posed as a sheep while being a ravaging wolf. Exposure of the blue wolves will be dramatic.

Fear Not, Little Children – "Do Something"
God says to us all, "Fear not little children, it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom." In this balance of what He does versus what we do, it is a time for Kingdom activism. HE will do the "heavy lifting" but He bids us to join in. Do not sit on the sidelines in passivity or hopelessness. It is time to do something.
Unite and do something, especially on the mountain of government and on behalf of families. Write your senators and congressmen. Go to city council meetings. Meet with police chiefs and mayors. Let them know you are there.

Somebody eliminate web porn which is the feeder for so much of the sex-trafficking. If pro-life messaging can be suppressed from the internet so can porn. Yes, oppose abortion, but also fight the other justice causes.

This is a time for war that will precede a time for peace. It is still all about love—but love is never passive. Do it all in the context of "we are winning" versus out of panic. We don't fight battles He is not involved with. In this fight, He is not only involved with us, He is way ahead of us. He is wiping clean the tops of the 7 mountains as we finally have a vision to show up there. He has created "the perfect storm," but it is against the enemy.

Every wave He is sending will be followed by a greater wave. The enemy will survive a wave, thinking he have outlasted God, but then a more potent wave will come his way. The Lord is doing this, but WE are to join in. We are in historical days and future generations will point to the shift of these days.

Let it not be said that you watched from the sidelines. Your little "Gideon activity" could turn into the rout of a big enemy. God is with us, so arise and shine.

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


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