Thursday, January 7, 2021

President Trump Will Win

 I'm still believing President Trump will win contrary to what the mainstream media wants us to think.  Why have they banned him from Twitter, Facebook, etc. if he has lost?  They don't want us to know what is going on--that's why!  I don't think God is going to let our country go to the Marxist/Communists when there have been millions praying and fasting.  The USA is a light to the rest of the world.  If our light goes out (I know it has been pretty dim the past few years) what hope is there?

I also believe that many who have opposed him and who have been planning deeds of darkness will be exposed.  It is time to end abortion and child sex-trafficking.  President Trump was a strong proponent of ridding our nation and the world of these.  No wonder so many are fighting against him.  I believe God put him in leadership for such a time as this and that he will serve the next 4 years as our President.

I am excited!

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