Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Fragrance of Faith: STAND! by Johnny Enlow

 I'm still standing, aren't you?  I believe President Trump will be our President for the next 4 years no matter how it looks now because of the prophetic words that have been given, but also because of my understanding of who God is.  I believe he honors the prayers of his people and there have been night and day prayers and fastings offered for this election from people in nations all over the world.  I also believe President Trump has honored God and His heart for the children--the aborted--the sex-trafficked. I don't think God would have put him in office, let him begin so many great things and then remove him with so many people praying.  We will see "the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."  If America falls there is no light.  God will not allow that.

What an encouraging word from Johnny Enlow below!  I'm posting part of it.  You can read it in its entirety here.  Be encouraged and blessed.  How incredible to think we are blessing God with our faith!

The Fragrance of Faith: STAND! by Johnny Enlow

While praying today I was able to see in the spirit realm a mist and fragrance of faith that was ascending to the Father that was profoundly impacting Him. For those of you still standing in faith that God will fulfill His promises of justice, life, liberty and HIS choice for leader in our nation you need to know your stand of faith is providing a rarest of rare fragrance to the Father that He is incapable of receiving any other way. No one in heaven can produce the fragrance that He is now breathing in from those of you who refuse to be swayed by present appearance of contradiction. When the opposite of what He promised seems to be reality and you insist on who you know Him to be even after a seeming “deadline”, boy does that give our Father the rarest of divine experience imaginable. As I write, I see the pleasure on His face to the point of tears running down His face. He is deeply touched. What if the only reason we are in delay is so that our Father can get this rarest of glory for Him. Wouldn’t that be worth it? In Heaven, all trust and worship Him with no doubt at all because it is at that point under no contradiction. Worship, praise, trust and faith that comes under extreme duress releases to Him a touching of His heart and emotions that He can't experience even in the presence of the cherubim and the 4 living creatures and the millions of angels around the throne. Right now our Father has NEVER had this many of His children around the world still holding on to what He said. He knows many are putting up with increased mocking from unbelievers as well as more mocking from family, friends and even fellow believers. The harder your personal path to standing in faith is the more fragrance it releases to the Father. Be encouraged and motivated by that.   Continue reading here.

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