Thursday, February 25, 2021

Ian Andrews' Webinars

I have been so blessed to know Ian Andrews and his wife, Rosemary.  I admire them greatly.  This year Ian has been teaching on healing through a weekly webinar so I wanted to make you aware of it if you weren't already.  I highly recommend these webinars and Ian's ministry! 

He asks that we sign up for each session so that he will know how much bandwidth is needed to accomodate it.  Since he lives in England the listed time for the webinar is 3:00 p.m. which translates to 9:00 a.m. Central time here in the U.S. If you can't watch at this time he also sends a link to the webinar replay so you can watch at your convenience.   I highly recommend this!  His teachings are amazing!  Kathryn Kuhlman was one of his mentors so he has learned from the best and has been praying for healing for almost 50 years.  The webinar today was fabulous!

Here is the email I received to sign up for the next one, in case you would like to sign up too: 

Dear Brenda

Here is the link for the webinar on Tuesday March 2 , 2021 - 3pm London time 

Please click HERE to register

Please note that the above link is to register your interest in the next webinar it is NOT your link to the live broadcast

Please register to ensure you have access to any replay, even if you are unable to attend the live event

Some attendees have requested the donate link to be included here, but please be assured this training remains free.

The link is to DONATE

A big thank you to those of you who have donated in the past.

As always there is no charge to register but free registration is required.

Please whitelist to ensure delivery of our emails to your inboxes


Ian Andrews

Citadel Ministries - UK Company Number: 02470082 | Registered Office: 41 Parsonage Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4AW

Webinar for Children:  trackIan is also going to be doing a mentoring webinar to teach children how to pray for healing.  If you have children, or know of any who would be interested, here is the information I received a few days ago:

Hi Brenda,

I am sending this to everyone that are on my lists, so you may receive more than one copy of this email.

In 1997 I was teaching in a church in Toronto, Canada when a prophet from Atlanta called me out and told me the Lord wanted to give me a children's ministry and he said that young people would be drawn to me.

I had had one experience of seeing children being very powerfully used by the Holy Spirit in Minneapolis MN in 1992. The Lord spoke to us and said "Children are not a part of the church for tomorrow but today. That night we witnessed God back up that statement as He showed us some of the most powerful miracles anywhere, all done through the hands of children

Through the years we have heard of many children being powerfully used by the Holy Spirit, not just in our own meetings but others like Heidi Baker and others.

Some of the children that our ministry impacted are now leaders in healing today.

In our meetings we have seen amazing healings when we encouraged the children to pray.

This leads me to our latest task from God and that is to do special online sessions geared to any child who wants to learn how to flow in the power of God especially in healing.

If any of your children would love to learn more would you please just hit the reply button with a "yes" and I will add you as the parents, to a new list.

The sessions will be quite short I think, so the teaching easily absorbed and practised and you as the parents are encouraged to be present at all sessions. Perhaps the children can practice on you!

Please only enrol them IF THEY are keen and wanting this too.

If you have friends with children, have them email me for details at


Ian Andrews

Citadel Ministries - UK Company Number: 02470082 | Registered Office: 41 Parsonage Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4AW

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