Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Please Research Before Taking the Vaccine

     Please don't take the Covid vaccine without doing due diligence.  (My opinion from all I've seen is that I wouldn't take it for anything!  There is nothing that could convince me to take it! ) An abundance of  information is shouting out that the vaccine is actually genetic engineering which will cause an epidemic of autoimmune diseases as our dna is changed. If you read anything about Bill Gates who is promoting this big time, you will see that one of his main goals is population control.  The world has let fear of a disease make their decisions and because of it we will pay for the rest of our lives.

    Maybe you may even want to research the covid tests.  Some doctors are saying that if masks are supposed to keep us from transmitting the disease through coughing, etc. then why would a covid test need to be go deep into the nose.  Why couldn't it be a saliva test?  The premise is that the vaccine is already planted on the swab and the reason for using the deep nasal swab is to place the material as close to the brain as possible.

    There is also information coming out that the vaccine is causing infertility in women.

     I am so upset for those who have already taken it.  Please help those you know who have not yet taken it to NOT do it!!  The effects are irreversible as far as I have been able to tell.

This is a very comprehensive look at the causes, symptoms, reasons it was developed, what doctors and health care workers are saying, etc.:  https://beforeitsnews.com/health/2021/02/covid-19-vaccine-depopulation-terrible-things-are-revealed-here-must-see-video-3038071.html

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