Monday, May 31, 2021

29th May Update Current News

       I have never wavered in believing President Trump will return.  I have believed the prophets--particularly those who prophesied a two term presidency for him when no one had any idea he was even running--one was in the 1980's.  Kim Clement had several around 2008-2012 and many recent prophetic words have been (and are continuing to be) given that he will return.
       Ever since I began to learn about the plan of the New World Order that many called a conspiracy theory I have tried to share what I was learning.  Much of what the prophets were saying was being confirmed by those in the know who understood the plan to counter attack and remove the 'cabal'.  And that which the 'white hats' were saying was confirming the prophets.  Most of my friends and family ridiculed me or refused to listen, but that didn't deter me freom trying to help others wake up.  I don't mind being thought of as delusional if it helps us all to discover the truth.
      Because of the immediacy of the problem, I have posted much on the evils of the 'vaccine'.  The push to take it by those who have only their own interest in mind has been so coordinated and constant that I've felt I must post as much as I can to convince any who haven't taken it to be well informed before making the decision to take it.
      But today I'm posting an update by Simon Parkes on the political situation.  I believe if you are not aware of the behind the scenes happenings you will be surprised and possibly in denial of some of the things he is reporting.  All I can say is do your research.  If you are one of those seeking the truth you will find it.  Do not close your eyes and minds to things you don't understand or were not aware they were happening.  And please don't reject the message because you don't like the messenger.  (Remember God used a donkey to deliver a message one of his prophets refused to speak.)  Listen to what he has to say before you judge because many others are saying the same thing, I just think he is saying it more clearly than some.
      It seems people are waking up to the fact that much of what we believed has been a lie.  It is difficult to admit we have been wrong and it's almost as difficult to discern who are the truth tellers and who are lying.  I recommend you pray much for discernment and set about educating yourself so you can help others wake up.  When we get through this it is going to be the most glorious time of spiritual revival the world has seen.  God has a wonderful plan and I do believe nothing can stop it!
     It would be very rewarding to hear that anything I have posted has helped you to become more aware of what has been happening, so I would be glad for responses in the comments--or to receive personal emails. 
     I pray blessings on you as we discover together "the truth that makes us free."  

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