Friday, May 14, 2021

Helping to Wake Us Up

Have you looked at the websites We Love Trump and Before Its News?  I have learned some amazing things there.  I am beginning to wake up to find that most of what appears to be happening in the world is a lie.  There is a plan to rule the world by a very evil group of people.

Of course, you need discernment on these websites.  Some of the articles/videos are wacky and filled with disinformation, especially on Before Its News so you have to search out the truth.  I have come to appreciate information given by Scott McKay, The Christian Patriot News, Michael Jaco, Nicholas Veniamin, Mel K, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Clay Clark, On The Fringe, Ann Vandersteel, Sherri Tenpenney, Lin Wood and others.  These can all be found on their own channels on Rumble or Bitchute but I discovered them on the Before Its News website so I'm giving the website a shout out, too.

Here is a speech given by Lin Wood at a Bikers for Trump Rally to get you started.  A lot of information here that many have never heard.

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